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Real Debrid vs Premiumize – who is better?

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So You've used Kodi a fair bit and generally you sticked with the standard Kodi addons setup for watching TV like Incursion/Gaia/Neptune Rising/Placenta/etc. If you digged further you probably saw this RealDebrid and Premiumize mentioned alot and how those debrid services offer better quality streams.

What those services do?

Premiumize and Real Debrid are debrid services that allow you to use links from premium file lockers that are usually hidden if you don't have them by manually search.

They're an aggregator service that makes you have access to multiple file lockers with one account otherwise you'd have to purchase an account for each file locker. The file lockers fight against them but for the last years those 2 services are constantly winning the battles. One of the best services they offer is the access to cached torrents through add-ons like Gaia add-on which are faster and better than cyber locker links.

You probably landed to a website like Rapigator, Openload, etc and they have files that are hosted on them. If you want to download that file for free  you usually have to wait an hour for it to download and even then there is usually a limit on how many GBs you can download in a day. Well if you paid for the premium version these restrictions are removed.

Real-Debrid and Premiumize  will package up a handful of sites likes this and give you premium access under one single account/payment method.

How they do it?

RealDebrid and Premiumize go out and buy a certain number of accounts to all those sites and then you have an interface that lets you share those accounts by only having one account with them.

These two sites basically pay for passwords in bulk to file sharing sites like Openload/Rapidgator, etc. to bypass the wait times, file restrictions, and speed restrictions. You then pay a monthly fee to access Real Debrid or Premiumize and they do the heavy lifting for you in terms of the bypassing.

Download fast is important because usually the free tier on file hoster sites is slower than the amount of bandwidth required to watch a SD show without buffering.

It has the effect of buying you a password to many file sharing sites for a fraction of the cost.

What are their main uses?

  • Allow you to bypass these restrictions when you go to download any type of file at these sites;
  • Allow you to paste a torrent magnet link and convert it to a direct download; and
  • Allow you to bypass file sharing site restrictions as mentioned above, but for videos specifically.
  • Allows you to get max video download or streaming speed through Kodi addons without a wait time or entering a captcha.

The addons will give you Real Debrid or Premiumize specific links (i.e. links at file sharing sites supported by those two sites) that you wouldn't otherwise be able to access.

So... who is better?

real debrid


  • It’s cheaper compared to Premiumize
  • It has an included webplayer for streaming and casting to your TV
  • It doesn’t restrict your downloads traffic


  • Their Customer Support is almost missing
  • There are periods when their servers are higly loaded and the download speed is affected
  • Does not offer Usenet downloads
premiumize me kodi review


  • They offer additional services like VPN, Usenet downloads and GEO unrestricter
  • It has better support from the Kodi Addons developers
  • Their services are compatible on Android and iOS


  • Their service is more expensive
  • Their “cached torrents” database is smaller
  • They restrict your traffic based on a Fair-Use policy
In conclusion, once you try Real Debrid or Premiumize with your Kodi you will love it instantly and not want to be without it.

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