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What are the Best Kodi Boxes in April 2024?

A honest review of the Best Kodi Boxes you can buy today, 18th April 2024?

It’s April 2024 and it’s no secret that Kodi is the most used media player in the world today.

Kodi runs on a wide range of devices and operating systems. This means that it can also be accessed on any Android TV, Android tablet, Android smartphone, Xbox One, Raspberry Pi 4 or on your Windows or Mac computer.

Want to unleash the true power of Kodi and choose the best Kodi box for you?

For Android TV boxes, we carefully monitor the latest versions on the market and review only the best. This review was published in April 2024 and completes the list of the best Android TV boxes from Kodi. Read the list carefully and choose the Android TV box application that is most important for you.

What is a Kodi Box?

A Kodi box is a device that you connect to your TV via an HDMI cable and convert to a Smart TV
You can easily install Kodi on these devices and watch or stream any movie or TV show including sports competitions.

Based on our full review and device reputation, the best Kodi boxes in April 2024 are listed below. The most popular Kodi boxes are usually with Android operating system. You can turn your TV into an Android Smart TV and run Kodi on your Kodi box connected to your TV’s HDMI port. They come in all shapes and sizes with great specs, as described in this review of the best Kodi boxes for April 2024

best kodi boxes explained

Kodi is one of the most popular multimedia streaming systems, but it will never run smoothly on old hardware. For most people, an Android TV Kodi box is the easiest way to run Kodi. These are some of the best products you can buy in April 2024, so Kodi is now a completely legit software and It will become the best multimedia and streaming server in the world.

Want to get started with Kodi?

All you need is a good Kodi box with an Android TV, and while there are many options, we recommend you get one of the best Kodi boxes listed below.  Be careful, because there are several cheaper no-name Kodi boxes with security issues on Amazon. Choose your TV Kodi box carefully! A no-name Kodi box may reveal your personal data if it is a cheap and unknown box!

What should I look for in a Kodi box?

A Kodi box is a device that runs the Kodi media center software and allows you to stream video and audio content from a variety of sources, including local storage, network-attached storage, and the internet. When shopping for a Kodi box, here are some things to consider:

  1. Processor and memory: Look for a Kodi box with a fast processor and sufficient memory to handle the media you want to stream.

  2. Storage: Consider the amount of storage you need for your media files. Some Kodi boxes have built-in storage, while others can be expanded with external storage devices.

  3. Connectivity: Make sure the Kodi box has the connectivity options you need, such as HDMI, USB, and Ethernet.

  4. Compatibility: Check to see if the Kodi box is compatible with the media sources you want to use, such as streaming services or local network storage.

  5. User experience: Look for a Kodi box with a user-friendly interface and good reviews from users.

  6. Price: Determine your budget and look for a Kodi box that offers good value within that range.

By considering these factors, you can find a Kodi box that meets your needs and provides a good user experience.

#1 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro

  • Powerful performance
  • AI-enhanced upscaling
  • Supports all major streaming services
  • Supports GeForce NOW
  • Can run Kodi at 4K HDR
  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of add-ons
  • Long battery life
  • Supports HDR10+
  • Expensive
  • No microSD card slot
  • Remote can be a bit finicky
  • Some add-ons can be difficult to install
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features


The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro is a high-end streaming media player that is known for its powerful performance, versatility, and ease of use. It is also one of the best Kodi boxes on the market, thanks to its support for 4K HDR, AI-enhanced upscaling, and a wide range of add-ons.


The SHIELD TV Pro is powered by the NVIDIA Tegra X1+ processor, which is one of the most powerful processors on the market. This means that it can handle even the most demanding streaming content with ease. You can watch 4K HDR movies and TV shows without any buffering or lag.

The SHIELD TV Pro also supports AI-enhanced upscaling, which means that it can upscale lower-resolution content to 4K. This means that you can watch your old DVDs and Blu-rays in stunning detail.


The SHIELD TV Pro is packed with features that make it the ultimate streaming media player. It supports all of the major streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. It also supports Google Play Movies & TV, so you can rent or buy movies and TV shows from the Google Play Store.

In addition to streaming, the SHIELD TV Pro can also be used for gaming. It supports GeForce NOW, which is a cloud gaming service that allows you to play PC games on your TV. You can also sideload apps from the Google Play Store, so you can install any Android app on your SHIELD TV Pro.


Kodi is a free and open-source media player that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and live TV. It’s also a great way to organize your media library.

The SHIELD TV Pro is the perfect device for running Kodi. Kodi is a bit demanding on hardware, but the SHIELD TV Pro can handle it with ease. You can watch your movies and TV shows in stunning 4K HDR, and you can even use the SHIELD TV Pro’s AI-enhanced upscaling to upscale lower-resolution content.



The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro is the best Kodi box on the market. It’s packed with features that make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best possible home entertainment experience. If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use Kodi box, the SHIELD TV Pro is the perfect choice for you.


The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro is available for purchase from NVIDIA’s website for $199.99.


The NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro is the best streaming media player on the market, and it’s also one of the best Kodi boxes. If you’re looking for a powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use streaming media player that can also run Kodi, the SHIELD TV Pro is the perfect choice for you.

Additional Information

Here are some additional information about the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro:

  • It has 3GB of RAM and 256GB of storage.
  • It supports Dolby Vision and Atmos.
  • It has a built-in IR blaster.
  • It supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • It comes with a remote control and a power adapter.

#2 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Xbox One X

  • The best, smooth true 4-K play experience, proof of the future, able to perform most 4-K games with 60 fps, is cooler and quieter than before
  • Native 4K gaming, cutting edge components, quiet running, UHD Blu-ray player
  • game controller uses physical batteries instead of rechargeable, however, 2 AA lasted almost 2 weeks on heavy gameplay
  • Compared to the easy PS4 UI, the XBOX One usage is somewhat complex and embarrassing
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

For its tiny footprint, smooth operational operation and efficient cooling the Xbox One X is remarkable. I’ve got my own in an open cabinet (an ancient wardrobe transformed into a fun facility) and it’s just hot up to the heavily loaded contact. I like how the power transformer is integrated into the box, which only needs a steady power cord to use; I disliked the heavy materials which seemed always to spend too much time on the ground or behind the box. It would be useful to describe the esthetics of Xbox One X as’ contemporary minimumism.’ It’s neither gorgeous, nor hideous. It’s easy and non-inflammatory–that’s all right in my book.

Many other reviewers discussed this issue’s weight. It is robust and strong, provides a quality feeling ; the one X is 1.4 pounds heavier than the first. According to the specs.

I’ve always thought the UX / UI was a phase, or a couple, behind PlayStation over centuries of Xbox computers. With the launch of the One X, a fresh UI will be available which is significantly less embarrassed than the previous releases. There is still some strange navigation design options that disturb me, like placing “perspective all” on the shop and the apparently random display layout of the home. You need to get used to it, but when you do it, those grips get insignificant.

The One X velocity also helps enhance the snap of interface / experience ; the lags and pauses of past centuries have been eliminated. It was one of the first items that I realized with the X – a very pleasant development.

The 4K / HDR upgrade was remarkable more than I anticipated. In hdr mode, the picture is super-high and color-free (thanks to 10 or 12 bit colour rendering choices) on my Samsung UHD TV. Framerates are much more smooth and coherent. Aliasing now appears to be non-existent. The One X has indigenous 4 K apps for those who are concerned and matches which are “made checkerboard” to 4 K-the latter is what the PS5 has been crucificated for. Visually, 4 K and 4 K are indigenous, based on the match it can be difficult to differentiate.


#3 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Amazon Fire TV Cube

  • Very good hardware specs
  • Perfect for running Kodi
  • Very good resolution up to 4K 60fps
  • It can be used as a central media center hub
  • Built-in speaker (for Alexa);
  • Dolby Atmos (7.1);
  • HDR10 support;
  • Far-field voice support.
  • Kodi needs to be sideloaded – we have a tutorial on how to fix trat that
  • It’s shape and dimension make it very travel-unfriendly
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

With far-field voice recognition, eight microphones, and beamforming technology, Fire TV Cube hears you from any direction. Enjoy hands-free voice control—search, play, pause, fast forward, and more. Plus, control your TV, sound bar, cable or satellite box, receiver, and more with just your voice.

Do more with Alexa. Fire TV Cube has a built-in speaker that lets you check the weather, listen to the news, control compatible smart home devices, and more—even with the TV off. Fire TV Cube is always getting smarter with new Alexa skills and voice functionality.

Experience true-to-life picture quality and sound with access to vivid 4K Ultra HD up to 60 fps, HDR, and the audio clarity of Dolby Atmos.

Enjoy tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills. Get over 500,000 movies and TV episodes from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, SHOWTIME, NBC, and more.

#4 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Fire TV Stick 4K

  • New and fast Processor
  • One of the cheapest devices on the market
  • Access to the latest movies and shows with Amazon Fire OS
  • Kodi needs to be sideloaded
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

There’s little to say about the design if you’re familiar with the Fire TV Stick. It looks the same–although 23 mm longer–and has the same microUSB connector for power and comes with a short HDMI extension in case your TV design does not allow the Stick 4 K to directly connect to an HDMI input.
Since the processor in the Stick 4 K is 80 percent faster than the non-4 K Stick, trying to power it from one of the USB ports on your TV is not recommended. Amazon bundles a power adapter and a microUSB cable in the box. You may need to use a USB extension cable or buy a longer microUSB cable, so it’s not very long.

There is built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi, but this one has a redesigned internal antenna that is optimized to stream 4 K video unlike the cheaper Fire TV Stick. If for some reason you are unable to use Wi-Fi, the optional Ethernet adapter will need to be purchased.
Probably the most interesting part of the design is the new remote. You’re holding down a mic button to talk to Alexa. That’s not new, of course, but there are the power and volume buttons. These are configured to use infrared during setup to control your TV or sound bar and make the remote much more useful.


#5 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Zidoo Z9S

  • Good video ad audio quality
  • Very nice premium design
  • Fast Wi-Fi and Gigabit ethernet support
  • It doesn’t play VP9 P2 encoded files and stream
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features


The ZIDOO Z9S offers other high-level hardware sections, excellent eMMC memory speeds, an Ethernet Gigabit port and a WiFi aC wireless adapter which provide excellent characters with a good range of coverage. We also have a very smart external design, complete backlinking control and a large number of ZIDOO custom software. Generally, an audio and video playback device aimed at the most demanding users with all your options.

Realtek RTD1296

ZIDOO Z9S is a 4K UHD media player with the best performance built based on the new upgraded Realtek RTD1296. The performance is 30% better than the previous generation of chips, with more powerful peripheral expansion capability, and equipped with a new image optimization engine and HDR to SDR conversion engine.

ARM Mali-T820

The ARM Mali-T820, equivalent to an Octa-core Mali 450,provides the optimal blend of features and efficiency to deliver rich user interfaces and compelling content.


#6 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Beelink BT3 Pro II Mini

  • Runs on Windows 10 and that’s a GOOD thing
  • It has USB 3.0 support allowing faster speeeds
  • Support 4K Playing
  • Dual Screen Display
  • The extension of storage is limited to 128GB and is not enough for BlueRay Remuxes
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

Beelink is one of Chinese TV Box’s most popular brand and not without reason. It’s a great choice for everyone because it’s powerful interiors, excellent video processing and modern design. Look closer at Beelink BT3 Pro and see what this Windows 10 device can do.

After purchasing more expensive and less expensive Android TV boxes I was prepared in January to ship this back to Amazon as I’ve done with several comparable purchases. To my delighted surprise the Beelink appears to be a very good choice!

The Beelink BT3 Pro comes with Intel Atom x5–Z8350 processor with Intel HD Graphic GPU and 4 GB RAM, bringing your film experience to a new level. This configuration allows you to watch Full HD 4 K videos without buffering, freezing, and dropping frame rate as you would in older devices.

What’s interesting, it’s not your typical TV box, but your all-in – one Mini PC, because designers are choosing to dissolve Android for new Windows 10. This gives it a lot of new capabilities and if you add monitor, keyboard and mouse, you will actually get a full-fledged personal computer that you can use as a work tool, not just for entertainment.

You can install any Windows software, and you are no longer restricted by Google Play apps from Android alone.

#7 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Xiaomi Mi Box S

  • Very good price for the performance it offers
  • USB 3.0 ports
  • Modern and sleek design for an Android TV box
  • The remote stops working from time to time
  • Android TV OS updates are rare and late
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

Xiaomi Mi S TV box has HDMI 2 support that displays content in 4K Ultra HD HDR and x265. This Mi box S has Bluetooth gamepad support and a fast CPU for an amazing gameplay.

The Xiaomi Mi S TV Box lets you connect to the world of entertainment in the comfort of your home. It features an award winning innovative design with a sleek and compact body. Few of the accolades that this new age entertainment box has been felicitated with are Red Dot and Good Design awards. Just connect this device to your TV and get instant access to a plethora of TV shows, games, news, and even radio.

This Xiaomi Mi box S allows you to cast away the content stored on your smartphones on a bigger screen with a single tap. It comes with a voice recognition remote control for easy and convenient handsfree use. It is equipped with a powerful quad core processor with 2GB RAM for glitch free gaming experience. It is super easy to setup. Just connect it to a TV and switch on the WiFi setting on it to browse freely. Search and stream your favorite TV series or any movie you want to watch instantly.

#8 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024


  • The best streaming experience on the market
  • Small and portable on your trips
  • Eazy starage extension with SD Card slot support
  • Only USB2.0 ports are available
  • No USB 3.0 slots and speed degradation on this
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

Connect NEO U9-H to a 4K TV and delight in the seamless visual rush of 4K Ultra HD with crisp, life-like images that practically jump off the screen. .

NEO U9-H accomplishes new heights of picture performance with full HDR10 support. HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology widens the colour spectrum, displaying brighter whites and deeper blacks, accentuating the contrast to create a more natural, vibrant viewing experience.

I am a regular user of Minix. I know that they deliver the best TV boxes in the market right now. I own a Minix x8-h plus and a Windows 10 Minix z83-4. Now I got this U9-h because I wanted to replace the x8-h plus.
I received the box 1 week ago and I have been using it heavily with complete satisfaction.
I am a cord cutter. I use kodi and multiple Apk’s on this device and everything is running smoothly. I have a 4k TV and I compared this device to the other 2 Minix devices.This device is the best one I have ever seen especially in running 4k content.
As compared to the u1 this U9-h has Android 6 is also easy to install apps on the SD card. So I inserted a 64 GB Sd card into the slot and now I have an android machine with 2gb of Ram and 80 gb of storage for the apps (native 16 + 64 sd card)
I also used the A3 remote and I compared it to the A2 lite I already have. I really enjoyed the A3 with its voice commands.

#9 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Bqeel U1 Pro

  • Good hardware quality and specs
  • Easy installation and good tv connection
  • Fast and responsive menus
  • The remote control is sluggish
  • The new version of Android TV 9 freezes from time to time
Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features

Over the years, I’ve bought a few TV boxes from Google / Android. Most were fantastic. Some were medium. There were flops one or two. This is one of the big categories and one of the best I’ve ever been using.

The shape factor is excellent and slick. This is an enormous plus. Some of them looked inexpensive and looked clunky. This is the beauty of the entertainment facility with their round appearance and LED display.

I like this device’s speed. The interface is great and user-friendly. Setup and customization is highly simple for you.

The distance is of high quality and even beats Roku, Apple and Amazon.

It’s helpful and much more intuitive, indeed. Yes, in the age of smart television traditional buttons remain essential. It’s also available at a fantastic cost. For comparable appliances I’ve paid twice as much. This is a enormous advantage, particularly as this is much better.

After glancing at the specs and requesting a few inquiries, I thought I would offer these people a hint. About ten minutes after I took it from the box, I had it going. Could watch television. I came to YouTube and discovered excellent information, and I strongly recommend that you do the same thing. These little containers follow a culte and you will see so many choices in them. This cabinet is very happy with us and we have no problems so far. This item is far short of the match in comparison to the others.

#10 Best Kodi Boxes Reviews in April 2024

Pendoo X6 PRO

Great Performance Allwinner H6 Chipset

Pendoo X6 PRO Android BOX 9.0 equipped with a high-end chip Allwinner H6, performance is better than other chips on the market.
It has a better compatibility of software, games and applications, better user interface and user experience.
It brings you stable ultra-fast running speed and a richer end-user experience.

4GB DDR3 and 32GB EMMC

The Android TV Box 9.0 runs with 4GB DDR3 memory and 32GB eMMC high-speed flash memory.
It makes sure the android tv box running more stable and faster than other androd box, provides you more space to download your favorite Apps, play online games, watch tv shows and sports programs.
Support External Hard Drive USB connection, expand memory via micro SD/TF card (up to 64GB). What’s more, You can play movies and musics whatever you like through 4TB HDD or SSD.

Dual-Band WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz

X6 PRO Android TV Box supports 2.4G/5G Dual band WiFi, if you like using 5G WiFi, it exactly match your needs. Stable, Fast and High Quality WiFi signal.
It also support Ethernet 10M / 100M.
The advantage of the dual-band WiFi device is that it has a stronger and more stable Wifi wireless signal, and can make the wireless device more power-saving, to meet the future high-definition and big data wireless transmission needs.

Kodi Box performance
Kodi Box Price
Video Quality
Kodi Box Features


Android 9.0 OS & Super H6 Chip】The android tv box equipped with Latest Android 9.0 OS in the market, powered by Allwinner H6 Quad core cortex-A53 Ultra high frequence CPU, which makes sure the android box running stable and smooth to load movies, pictures and games without buffer, compatible with the vast majority of Android APPs, give a better user experience than other android tv box.

【DUAL-BAND WIFI & Bluetooth】Our Android TV box supports 2.4G/5G Dual-Band WiFi and built-in Dual Antenna to comprehensively enhance the WiFi receiving signal, extended WiFi Connection and Superior Stability. Fast and High Quality Wifi signal will makes you can surf the internet more freely and smoothly, no worry freezing and buffering. Bluetooth function enables wireless devices connection to enjoy the android tv box.

【4GB RAM + 32GB ROM & USB3.0】X6 PRO Android TV box provides plentiful room 4GB DDR3 32GB eMMC and 64 bit CPU to quickly start your apps and games. You can also add an extra TF card to expand storage, which improves the reliability of your android tv box and prevents crashes due to lack of memory. Also, USB 3.0 has the advantage of high speed transmission. It can meet the requirement of fast transfer.

【4K UHD H.265 Android TV BOX】The android tv box supports decoding and playing almost all popular audio and video formats, brings you true-to-life picture quality and 4K@60fps ultimate HD video. Moreover, its H.265 decoding technology will save 50% bandwidth than H.264, so you can play thousands of android games in a large 4K screen and enjoy a higher quality experience with less buffering.

【Easy To Use & Best Service】Just plug in the power supply, connect the android box HDMI cable and Wi-Fi/Ethernet, you can watch whatever you like with the powerful android tv box. Customer satisfaction is ours biggest priorities. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us.


Kodi is a free and open-source media center software that can be installed on a wide range of devices. Here are some common devices that Kodi can be installed on:

  1. PCs and laptops: Kodi can be installed on desktop computers and laptops running Windows, MacOS, or Linux.

  2. Smart TVs: Kodi can be installed on smart TVs that support the installation of third-party apps.

  3. Streaming devices: Kodi can be installed on streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and Android TV boxes.

  4. Game consoles: Kodi can be installed on game consoles such as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

  5. Mobile devices: Kodi can be installed on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS.

  6. Raspberry Pi: Kodi can be installed on a Raspberry Pi, a small, inexpensive computer that can be used for a variety of projects including media center applications.

To install Kodi on any of these devices, you will need to follow the instructions provided on the Kodi website or consult the device’s documentation. Keep in mind that some devices may not support the installation of third-party apps, so Kodi may not be available on all devices.

5 main reasons why you should choose one of the best Kodi Android TV boxes this  April

best kodi boxes reviews
Connect a Kodi box to your TV

1. It’s affordable​

It is a reality. These boxes are quite cheap compared to the costs that the cable companies have and that you pay every month. The price of these boxes ranges from $19.99 to $199.99 or higher. And that’s a monthly flat cost – no fees. Once in a while, it’s a bet. Then, when you feel like it, you can watch it easily.

2.Unlimited Movies, TV Shows, Live TV sports streaming!

You can watch your favourite programmes, videos, games and live TV by watching IPTV or Acestream. You can find everything you can imagine on an Android TV box. Watch newly released movies from the comfort of your home without the extra cost of your cinema reservation. Don’t be misled by other non-Android TV boxes like Chromecast and Roku. You’ll need an Android TV box. What’s the reason for this? Almost all current Android devices have an open source multimedia player and KODI streaming box. Being an open source operating system, it is not limited to Kodi addons. There are hundreds or thousands of applications available that offer many more options.

3. Transform your regular TV to a Smart TV

Switch to any Smart TV with HDMI interface! Maybe your TVs are already smart. Well, it’s not smart your TV. An Android TV box can go beyond its original Smart TV functions and make it easier to use and secure. All applications are included! Now that your box is connected, you know your TV is a great tablet with games like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, etc. Is it really nice to be real after all?

4. No monthly bills!

Only no subscription month to watch TV stations. You write fine! You write fine! Stop charging big, monthly wireless companies paying big amounts and become a cable cutter! With an Android TV box, you get it all for free. If you don’t want to watch TV, the nice Android boxes come with lots of games. Play all the games on your TV, but make them. Anyone have PUBG? Need some rhythm? It’ll be your Android TV box, whatever game you want to watch, or you can just buy it for free from the Google Play Store or Kodi Amazon Premium Audio.

5. It works all over the world and it is a personal Personal Video Recorder if you have an internet connection

Imagine being able to move the ultra-cheap cable between the PVR and the TV. It’s one of the nicest things about an Android TV box, it’s very mobile. These small, lightweight Android TV boxes can be connected anywhere via an internet connection. When you need to move, just put it in your pocket and you’re ready to go. Plug it in and you’re ready to watch TV. Are you roaming the globe? No problem, take your Android TV box anywhere in the world and it works. As soon as you have an internet connection, you can enjoy great content.

6. One more thing…

You probably don’t get an Android TV box and it’s on our website. Half the work is done. Our goal is to educate people to buy the best Android TV box for them without going to the store with local android experts. We pray that we have helped you find the right Android TV box for you, and if you have any concerns, please report them in our post. We are committed to responding to all topics on a weekly basis so you can always reach us.

To make a long story short, buying a Kodi Box for your leisure needs is probably the best option!

You’ve learned a lot about them, but what is a Kodi box anyway? And how legal is it? Here we clarify everything you need to understand about Kodi and whether or not you should buy one.

A Teesside man was arrested in autumn 2016 for selling fully loaded Kodi boxes – an internet player that allows you to choose content from blockbuster movies to live Premier League football.

This sparked a debate across Europe about the legality of the boxes. Unfortunately, this is a complicated issue for customers surrounding what is essentially a very helpful and intuitive way to enjoy digital media and content on demand. Let’s start from the beginning.

Are Android boxes legal?

Android boxes are devices that run the Android operating system and can be used to access a variety of content, including streaming services, web browsers, and media players. In general, Android boxes themselves are legal devices and can be used for a variety of purposes.

However, it is important to note that the use of an Android box may not always be legal, depending on how it is configured and used. For example, some users may install third-party apps or plugins on their Android boxes that allow them to access pirated content, such as movies, TV shows, or music. This is illegal in most countries and can result in criminal or civil penalties.

It is important to only use an Android box for legal purposes and to only access content that you have the rights to view. If you are unsure about the legality of a particular app or plugin, it is best to avoid using it or seek legal advice.

what is a kodi box

What is Kodi?

Kodi can best be defined as a media centre. It actually started out as XBMC or Xbox Media Center for the first time. It is basically a versatile media player available for various platforms that allows users to play locally stored documents such as videos and music and stream live broadcasts and podcasts from the internet. Unlike Windows Media Player, for example, which you’ll find on your PC, it has a user-friendly, intuitive interface and is extremely customisable – that’s what really sets it apart from its competitors. Rather than spending time and bandwidth downloading large files, the fact that you can simply stream what you want to watch is also a huge draw.

A “Kodi box” is a loose term for an internet TV box that is primarily intended to be used with the Kodi app. Usually they are sold pre-installed with the app – often called “fully loaded”. Technically, any TV streamer that can install the app can be a Kodi box, but when the word is used in the press and media, it usually refers to the legally dubious first type.

Use our Best Kodi boxes to browse the finest phones on the market.

Is Kodi lawful?

The problem with Kodi is that it’s a wonderfully flexible and easy-to-use software, but it can also be used for illegal streaming. For example, subscribed sports and movie packages are just a few clicks and a quick download away – all without paying. The reason arrests were made is not only because people were selling Kodi boxes, but also because they were selling them pre-installed with these illegal programs and services.

Simply put: Kodi and Kodi boxes are perfectly legal. The problem arises when the Kodi app is used to illegally stream content from subscriptions. This is obviously something you should not do. And when you take these apps that allow you to illegally stream and pre-install them on a streaming box before selling them as a free all-in-one – a worldwide streaming source? That’s when it gets huge.

kodi box example

What was controlled on Kodi so far

European Court of Justice: Kodi boxes fully loaded are illegal

Perhaps the biggest decision is the one from Luxembourg. The EU’s highest court ruled that “the sale of a multimedia player that allows movies illegally available on the Internet to be viewed easily and free of charge on a TV screen” is illegal.

This is a ruling with huge implications for Kodi’s future. While it is clearly illegal to download a pirated film at home, the European Court of Justice has ruled that devices that enable piracy and make it easy are also illegal.

High Court: UK Premier League gets a court order for piracy

It may sound obvious, but if you haven’t paid for a subscription, it’s illegal to stream Premier League football online. However, in a recent court case, the Premier League was able to actively pursue and disable individual pirates.

Although there has long been illegal internet streaming of football, Kodi boxes offer people an easy way to watch football on their TV, rather than just on a laptop or at their desk. In this High Court ruling, their increased popularity was seen as the driving factor.

The Premier League now has the right to track and block the servers used to broadcast their matches. It can be expected that a number of other rights holders, such as film studios and television networks, will seek to do the same when the Premier League wins this case.

Amazon: Total ban on the sale of Kodi boxes completely loaded

Amazon has banned the sale of all fully loaded boxes as a result of the aforementioned court cases and the increasingly negative press surrounding them. The distributor said: ‘Products made available for sale on Amazon must not encourage, propose to facilitate or actively enable the infringement of, or unauthorised access to, digital media or other protected material’. Anyone caught selling Kodi boxes that violate Amazon’s laws will have their accounts suspended. Although these boxes were sold through Amazon’s store owners and not by Amazon itself, there is clearly no desire to be associated with them or to provide a platform that could potentially violate the law.

What can you do with Kodi legally?

Despite all the negative press the app has received lately, you don’t have to be afraid of it. If you own a known internet streaming box, like Amazon Fire TV or Nvidia Shield, you can download the app from their official website. It also works on any computer running Android, iOS, Windows, Mac or Linux.

You can then choose from a wide range of legal add-ons, all of which are available in the larger Kodi app. There are literally hundreds to choose from. YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, PBS and 9GAG are all available, which is great if your streaming box doesn’t offer them through its regular app store.

What has Kodi to say

When discussing this ongoing drama, it is often forgotten that the word “kodi box” has no concrete meaning. Kodi is just a popular app that opens up a range of streaming applications not available in the Google Play or Amazon app stores. There are plenty of perfectly legal applications in it that are used to access free content.

These illegal streamers got due to the temporary label, an honest service running at the bottom. The employees who developed the Kodi app published a statement explaining this on their official website. They say they are fed up with “unfortunate sellers” who use the name of their app to “create a quick profit”.

Team Kodi has a formally neutral stance on what users do with their own software. While we don’t love the use of Kodi, you’re welcome to do whatever you want, as long as you know what illegal and potentially dangerous things you’re getting into and accept that the team won’t give you any help.

Their option was to trademark the name “Kodi” and actively follow those who use it to promote their own legally dubious products.

Kodi alternatives

Although Kodi is currently in the spotlight, it is far from the only implementation of its kind. Here are a few options that might be of interest to jaded supporters or those curious to try something new:


Plex is a media server that allows you to organise your music, photos and videos in one place and stream them to a variety of devices, such as a TV, smartphone, tablet or web TV box. It’s not as common as Kodi, perhaps because it requires a local computer to run a Plex media server. This means you’ll need to sync your preferred streaming device with your home computer (or laptop or network-enabled storage device) to install and access all your media via your home network. However, this gives you synchronised content on all your devices, which can be very convenient.

If you own an Amazon Echo, one of Plex’s most interesting features is that it’s now compatible with Alexa voice control so you can play music and movies without touching a remote. There’s also a premium subscription service for Plex that offers features like cloud storage and offline access.


In fact, there is not much difference between Plex and Emby. Emby has a very good Xbox One app and works well on smartphones, but the bulk of it is no different from Plex – right down to the premium subscription service. The decision here will be more about personal preference than outstanding features, but it’s worth trying each one out.

Other players

There are many comparable options out there that are a cut below Plex, Emby and Kodi. Stremio works like a PVR and gives you a calendar that keeps track of your tracked shows’ recent episodes and the ability to continue watching shows mid-stream on another device. It’s also defined as more tailored for PC users by its designers, rather than for those who want a ‘couch experience’.
While the other choices on this list are very flexible in terms of support for different equipment and operating systems, Usher is tailored for MacOS consumers.

When it comes to working with non-Apple software and hardware, iTunes can be notoriously stubborn, so Usher can be very helpful in this scenario.

How to prove the lawfulness of your streamer

If you’re downloading Kodi to your Amazon Fire TV Stick or Nvidia Shield, for example, you don’t need to worry, because you’re allowed to do so. But where caution should be exercised is what applications and services you use in it.

If an app seems too nice to be true, it probably is – if it lets you watch the latest Hollywood blockbusters without paying, that’s a pretty strong indicator. If you’re looking to buy a TV streaming box and it’s not made by a company you recognize, it’s not sold by a retailer you recognize, or if you use the terms “Kodi” and “fully loaded” in the title, that’s another red flag (Kodi is not a manufacturer – none of these boxes are crazy at all).

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