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MINIX NEO U9-H Kodi Box Review


MINIX NEO U9-H Kodi Box Review

Kodi Box performance
Kodi box price
Video Quality
Kodi Box features
  • The best streaming experience on the market
  • Small and portable on your trips
  • Eazy starage extension with SD Card slot support
  • Only USB2.0 ports are available
  • No USB 3.0 slots and speed degradation on this

Kodi Expert review of MINIX NEO U9-H Kodi Box

Connect NEO U9-H to a 4K TV and delight in the seamless visual rush of 4K Ultra HD with crisp, life-like images that practically jump off the screen. .

NEO U9-H accomplishes new heights of picture performance with full HDR10 support. HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology widens the colour spectrum, displaying brighter whites and deeper blacks, accentuating the contrast to create a more natural, vibrant viewing experience.

I am a regular user of Minix. I know that they deliver the best TV boxes in the market right now. I own a Minix x8-h plus and a Windows 10 Minix z83-4. Now I got this U9-h because I wanted to replace the x8-h plus.
I received the box 1 week ago and I have been using it heavily with complete satisfaction.
I am a cord cutter. I use kodi and multiple Apk’s on this device and everything is running smoothly. I have a 4k TV and I compared this device to the other 2 Minix devices.This device is the best one I have ever seen especially in running 4k content.
As compared to the u1 this U9-h has Android 6 is also easy to install apps on the SD card. So I inserted a 64 GB Sd card into the slot and now I have an android machine with 2gb of Ram and 80 gb of storage for the apps (native 16 + 64 sd card)
I also used the A3 remote and I compared it to the A2 lite I already have. I really enjoyed the A3 with its voice commands.

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