Incursion Kodi Addon

What is Incursion?

Incursion is a relatively new Kodi addon for watching Movies and TV Shows. Incursion is a fork of the popular Covenant addon. The new Incursion add-on promises to improve upon its predecessor while keeping the same functionality and most of the same design.


Incursion Kodi Addon is listed as one of the best kodi addons because it is well maintained and active.

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Incursion Kodi Add-on Review

Incursion Kodi Addon
Video quality
Incursion Kodi
Latest official version: 0.1.17 (05/01/2018)


  • The best clone (fork) of Covenant
  • Continuously updated and developed


  • It has some errors for a few providers
  • His developer recently announced that he will cease developing Incursion. The good news is that he will launch a better add-on than Incursion.
Repo address for the Kodi Experts: http://incursion.kodi.expertIncursion Kodi Addon Repository:

How to download and install Incursion Kodi Addon on your Kodi Krypton 17 or Kodi Leia 18?

1. Open Kodi on your platform. After a few seconds waiting for completely loading Kodi, you will see the standard main interface (in the images we are using Kodi 17.6. The interface in Kodi 18 Leia is mainly similar so you should follow the same steps). Start by clicking on the SETTINGS button on the top left (it is that cog wheel under Kodi logo).

2. Position and Open the Files manager in the bottom right of Kodi -> Settings window.

3. You have 2 similar panels here. Tap on Add source on any of them to bring the next window where you will input the source path.

4. With the Add file source dialogue box open, position and click on  selection as in the image below.

5. A full screen will appear next, where you will need to input the Incursion kodi repo path: with no mistakes.  Remember to pay attention to input the correct path letter by letter. If you make any mistake, the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction in the next steps.

6. In the “Enter a name for this media source” field pick any desired name for the source name. We recommend that you name it ‘Incursion‘ (for easy identification later). Then press ok. Be careful with the chosen name: that name shouldn’t have been used before.

7. Next return to the KODI Main Menu by pressing BACK key multiple times. Now go and click on Add-ons from the left main menu (the one with the open box).

8. On the top left corner, you’ll get 3 new icons. Go to the Open Box (or unzipper, the first icon on the top left screen) and just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen, you will see a list of multiple options. We need to go to the Install from zip file section in order to open the addon source.

10. A new window called Install from zip file opens. You will have a list of local and internet sources. Simply select and click on ‘Incursion‘ (or whatever name you saved in step 6).

11.  Now click on (if the file name is different you shouldn’t worry. It’s a single file there so you can’t get wrong )

12. Just click on it and press INSTALL and WAIT for the top right notification saying “Incursion Repository Add-on updated” message

13. If the above step succeeded you will be returned to the previous menu (as in step 8) where you have the add-on browser interface.

14. This time click on the 3rd menu called Install from Repository – see the selection in the image below

15. Go down to “Incursion Repository

16. Simply choose Video Add-ons

17. Now select Incursion and choose Install (the cloud icon in the bottom right)

18. To start enjoying your brand new installed Kodi addon go to Video add-on section and locate the Incursion icon. It is the one with a black background so it’s easy to identify.

19. When you open the Incursion addon you will see the following interface with those menus: Movies, TV Shows, My Movies, My TV Shows, New Movies, New Episodes, Channels, Tools and Search. There are sub-menus for each of these menus.

If you want a Kodi expert trick for speed: Go down on Search and type your favourite Movie or TV Show title. Start discovering ehat Incursion can offer you 🙂

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Learn how to install Incursion Kodi from a 3 minutes quick and easy guide on Kodi Expert Youtube channel

We cooked up a 4 minute installation guide for Incursion on our Youtube channel. If you missed a step, don’t forget to pause and resume after you have done the same steps in your Kodi interface. 

Enjoy watching Kodi content with Incursion on  the best Kodi Boxes


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Integrate Incursion with your Kodi Library

  1. Launch Incursion from Addons tab
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Incursion: Library
  4. Right-click (or however you open the context menu) on Incursion: TV folder
  5. Select Set Content
  6. Choose TV Shows and press OK to confirm (apply any other settings as appropriate there)
  7. Click Yes to refresh the folder information
  8. Select Incursion: Library
  9. Right-click (or however you open the context menu) on Incursion: Movies folder
  10. Select Set Content
  11. Choose Movies and press OK to confirm (apply any other settings as appropriate there)
  12. Click Yes to refresh the folder information

You may or may not need to refresh your library. Kodi Expert strongly advises you to do so. Now when you right click on a movie or tv show and use “Add to Library”, it will be added to your main Kodi library as its added to the Incursion library.

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How to update Incursion Kodi Addon?

1. From the MAIN MENU go to ADD-ONS then select the upper left OPEN BOX ICON

2. Choose Install From Repository

3. RIGHT CLICK on Incursion Repository and select INFORMATION

4.Press on the UNINSTALL Button in the lower right of the screen

5.Redo the steps 9-16 from the Installation guide above [Main menu -> Add-ons -> OPEN BOX (upper left)-> Install from ZIP file -> Incursion -> then  Main menu -> Add-ons -> OPEN BOX (upper left)-> Install from Repository -> Incursion -> Video Add-ons -> Incursion -> INSTALL]


Kodi Incursion Addon Changelog

Plugin.Video.Incursion – v0.1.17February 20190.1.17
  • Even more Scraper Fixes
  • Moderator Disabled
  • Fixed Trakt On Deck Magical Disappearing Act
  • Fixed search issue caused by character accents
  • Scraper Fixes – 2ddl, chillax, allrls, movie4kis
  • New Scrapers – pubfilmonline, rlsscn
  • Settings cleanup
  • Added polish fixes
  • Slacked on documentation – slack update notes


  • Fixed “Trakt – Mark as Watched” Issues
  • Added Trakt Bookmarks Function
  • Added Auto Resume Option
  • Trakt On Deck – Reversed to show last played first.


  • Re-added Filepursuit scraper
  • Changes to Furk Scraper – better link identification
  • Moved Away from TVA URLResolver to Jsergios ResolveURL
  • Fixed 24 hour delay option
  • Removed URLResolver from Repo
  • Removed BeautifulSoup from Repo


  • Added Season 0 Support
  • Added Find Similar Context Menu Feature
  • Added option to disable 24 hour library import delay


  • Added Highly Experimental Furk Support


  • Added Pre-emptive Termination
    • This can be found in the playback settings menu.
    • This operates using the maximum quality setting (up to 1080, if 4k selected it will terminate after limit for 1080 reached)
    • If maximum quality is set to ‘720p’, it will terminate once the limit is reached for the maximum quality and again for SD.
  • Added Debrid only option
    • This forces Incursion to only attempt to play debrid files.
    • This will have no effect if there is no debrid resolves enabled.
  • Fixed + Added Sources


  • Fixed RLSBB Source
  • Fixed DDLS Source
  • Updated URLResolver on Repo


  • Added Movies support to ALLRLS
  • Fixed Value Error in ALLRLS Script
  • Updated CFSCRAPE to support new Cloudflare header
  • Cmovies now uses episode titles to find correct episode
  • CartoonHD now uses episode titles to find correct episode
  • Fixed Mehliz TV and Movie Support
  • Cleaned Up Sources in settings.xml


  • SoapTV Added
  • Chillax Fixed (requires account)
  • Changed some folders in the git to maintain copies of old versions
Feature Add Update: 1
  • Added Trakt Collections AutoSync
  • Added MetalliQ Support
  • Removed unused Series Cravings source file
Minor Update: 4
  • Fixed Watchseries
  • Fixed ALLRLS (again + cleaned up some of the spaghetti)
  • Added Stealth Theme provided by 2Radzx
  • Fixed BEETV
  • Cleaned up en source files
  • Cleaned up settings-Providers (still more to go)
Minor Update: 3
  • Fixed CMOVIES Source
  • Added Filepursuit entry into accounts page and changed link info as agreed to with the FilePursuit creator.
  • Fixed Solarmovie
Minor Update: 2
  • Sources updated in settings.xml
  • Repository Name Corrected
  • Removed Putlocker Source/Replaced with new CartoonHD Source
  • ALLRLS source fixed
  • Added Source Filepursuit
  • IMDB Lists Fixed – thanks to throwaway covenant 1’st update
  • Network Lists Fixed

Incursion Kodi adult addon is working only in the newer Android version boxes. We have an article that tests and reviews the best kodi boxes. Make sure you have a good kodi box before complaining for low speed in Kodi add-ons.

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18 thoughts on “Incursion Kodi Addon”

  1. Hi,
    First of all, thanks for your work guys 😉

    Then, my issue : I’m currently reinstalling my kodi setup. When trying to install Incursion addon from the Incursion Repo I get a “unable to connect to repo” error message as soon as I select the repo from which I want to install the extension…

    Is there maybe some temporary problem ?

  2. I keep getting could not connect to repository error when attempting to install incursion using the above address. Has it changed?

      1. Nope. I see others are having the same problem, so its an issue. I guess they dont monitor the comments section anymore. WatchNixtoons was my all-time fav. addon & I really miss it. I cant find anything else out there like it…totally sad.

  3. Since Aug. 14, 2018, I can’t stream movies and the download for tv shows is extremely slow. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled kodi
    and incursion and nothing has gotten better. Any insight as to why this is happening?

  4. It tells me failed to install a dependency, I can’t figure out how to clear the cache and this is a android box.

    1. Hey Trent,

      Have you tried reinstalling the addon from the repository 2 or 3 times?

      It might solve your issue 🙂

  5. Incursion works great, all movies play and even the new ones in theaters.
    As good or better than Covenent.

  6. Since adding Incursion I have been unable to watch anything. I see the available streams but nothing loads. Very frustrating….liked Covenant more.

    1. Hey Alicia,

      There is something wrong in your Kodi install. Try cleaning Incursion cache and URLResolver cache. If it still doesn’t work then try reinstalling Kodi

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