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WonderfulSubs Kodi Add-on Review

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What is WonderfulSubs Kodi Addon?

This is a new anime add-on from DxCx and SwagOtaku with MAL, Kitsu, and WonderfulSubs Sync support with great sources!

Hello anime lovers! To those of you who are new I welcome you to WonderfulSubs, a new Kodi Addon aiming to become the best in Anime entertainment out there.
From the creator and volunteers behind the popular 9anime Kodi add-on, DxCx and company, we are announcing a public release for a new anime add-on in development: WonderfulSubs – Anime Subs & Dubs for Kodi.
WonderfulSubs for Kodi contains vast improvements over the 9anime add-on, including but not limited to:

– Having the largest database of anime out of any add-on or site on the web.
– Multiple sources for a majority of series and episodes to choose from, with more coming in the future. Sometimes of differing qualities ranging from Full HD to SD.
– Fast and smooth UI and video playback, especially compared to the 9anime add-on.
– Support for login and watchlist tracking from multiple services, with first class support for WonderfulSubs user accounts. You can sign up for one here:
– Less add-on updates.

This add-on is the replacement to the 9anime add-on. Going forward, the 9anime add-on will be deprecated, and there are no plans to update it if or when it stops working.

How to install WonderfulSubs Kodi Add-on

1. Open Kodi on your platform. After a few seconds waiting for completely loading Kodi, you will see the standard main interface (in the images we are using Kodi 17.6. The interface in Kodi 18 Leia is mainly similar so you should follow the same steps). Start by clicking on the SETTINGS button on the top left (it is that cog wheel under Kodi logo).

2. Position and Open the Files manager in the bottom right of Kodi -> Settings window.

3. You have 2 similar panels here. Tap on Add source on any of them to bring the next window where you will input the source path.

4. With the Add file source dialogue box open, position and click on  selection as in the image below.

5. A full screen will appear next, where you will need to input from the keyboard the WonderfulSubs Kodi repository path:  with no mistakes.  Remember to pay attention to input the correct path letter by letter. If you make any mistake, the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction in the next steps.

6. In the “Enter a name for this media source” field pick any desired name for the source name. We recommend that you name it WonderfulSubs (for easy identification later). Then press ok. Be careful with the chosen name: that name shouldn’t have been used before.

7. Next return to the KODI Main Menu by pressing BACK key multiple times. Now go and click on Add-ons from the left main menu (the one with the open box).

8. On the top left corner, you’ll get 3 new icons. Go to the Open Box (or unzipper, the first icon on the top left screen) and just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen, you will see a list of multiple options. We need to go to the Install from zip file section in order to open the addon source.

10. A new window called Install from zip file opens. You will have a list of local and internet sources. Simply select and click on ‘WonderfulSubs‘ (or whatever name you saved in step 6).

11.  Now click on (if the file version is a little bit different you shouldn’t worry. Probably it has been recently updated).

12. Just click on it and press INSTALL and WAIT for the top right notification saying “DxCx Add-on Successfully Installed” message.


– Bugfix for watchlist [SwagOtaku]
– Better icon image and plot [SwagOtaku]
– Add Search by Genere & Tags Selector [SwagOtaku]
– Add Setting to filter for only dub/sub content [SwagOtaku]
– Fix for search [SwakOtaku]
– Better HLS Handling [SwagOtaku]
– Adds Kitsu & MAL sync [SwagOtaku]
– Improve Watchlist handling [SwagOtaku]
– Adds AniList WatchList Flavor [SwagOtaku]
– Adds Airing Calendar [SwagOtaku]
– Adds Setting to set content type of main menu [SwagOtaku]
– Change “A-B Listings” to “A-Z Listings” [RedNinjaX]
– Fixes batch (NA And Watchlists) [SwagOtaku]
– Fix parsing of partial keys [SwagOtaku]
– Random Button [SwagOtaku]
– Watchlists Support [SwagOtaku]
– Beta Version!
– Initial Release

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