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What is Elementum Kodi Addon?

A fork of Quasar, Elementum uses a new torrent engine with extra features such as streaming directly to memory, downloading to FAT32 systems or NAS. Elementum can sync with Trakt and supports library integration.

NOTICE: This is a P2P Kodi Add-on, if you use it be sure to use a VPN!

Elementum is a torrent finding and streaming engine. It doesn’t go on torrent websites for legal reasons. However, it calls specially crafted add-ons (called providers) that are installed separately. They are normal Kodi add-ons, and thus can be installed/updated/distributed just like any other add-on.

This project is a fork of Quasar, created by scakemyer, which came from the well known, but no longer maintained Pulsar project from steeve. Thanks, guys, for your titanic work!

How to install Elementum Kodi Add-on

Supported platforms

  • Windows 32/64 bits
  • Linux 32/64 bits (starting Ubuntu 15.04)
  • Linux ARM (armv6, armv7, armv8/arm64)
  • OS X 32/64 bits
  • Android ARM (4.4.x, and later), x86, x64, ARM, ARM64

Minimum supported Kodi version: 16 (Jarvis)


Instructions for adding this repo:

  • Go To Kodi Settings, System, Addons (enable expert View), and Enable unknown sources
  • Go to Kodi Settings, Services, Control, and enable Allow remote control from applications or other systems
  • Download latest All-In-One zip file from Here (unfortunately you will need to manually download)
  • Go To Kodi Settings, Add-ons
  • Press Install From Zip File
  • Locate the zip you downloaded earlier and install it

Wait a couple of seconds and you’ll be prompted to also install Elementum Burst

That’s all and you should be good to go

How it works

Elementum is a torrent finding and streaming engine. It doesn’t go on torrent websites for legal reasons. It calls specially crafted add-ons (called providers) that are installed separately. They are normal Kodi add-ons, and thus can be installed/updated/distributed just like any other add-on.

Elementum is centered around media: it browses media from TheMovieDB and And so, when you decide you want to watch a media (i.e. given an TMDB ID), here’s what Elementum does:

  • Enumerate the installed providers
  • Call each provider to find the media you want to watch (in parallel)
  • Each provider returns a list of BT links they found
  • Collects and de-duplicates all the links
  • Goes on the BitTorrent network to find out the number of seeds and peers in real time (i.e. not provided by the provider)
  • Finds out of which quality are the different links (thanks to their name)
  • Ranks the links by quality and availability (Elementum privileges quality over availability, but it’s not dumb. However, you can get a full list to choose from manually if you want, or disable ‘Choose stream automatically’ to always choose manually)
  • Sends the chosen link to the BitTorrent streaming engine

All of this is done in less than 10s depending on your platform and timeout settings. Elementum is around 95% Go, and thus, it’s fast. Very fast, actually.

The BitTorrent streaming engine is very resilient (or at least it’s designed to be). It’s built on top of libtorrent package.


As said before, Elementum relies on providers to find streams. Providers are easy to write, and can be as little as ~20 lines of Python code. As they are normal Kodi add-ons, which can have their own configuration (although it is not recommended because it complicates things).

Please note that for legal reasons, I won’t discuss, develop nor distribute any providers connecting to illegal sources. So there is no need to ask me. While I can partake in general discussions regarding provider development, I won’t do so for illegal sources specific problems.


I can’t code. How can I help?

Spread the word. Talk about it with your friends, show them, make videos, tutorials. Talk about it on social networks, blogs, etc…

The plugin doesn’t work, what can I do?

Please search currently open and closed issues to see if it has already been reported and/or fixed. If not then add a new issue with a short but descriptive title, a detailed description and of course a link to the logs. If you don’t know how to do that, just follow the guide at: If you actually went through the logs and know the relevant part, you can instead paste that, as long as it’s shorter than a hundred lines or so, and please enclose it in triple back-quotes for readability.

Can I seek in a video?

Yes, but it can fail.

What about seeding?

When watching a torrent, you will be seeding while you watch the stream.

Does it download the whole file? Do I need the space? Is it ever deleted?

Yes, yes and yes.

Can I keep the file after watching it?

Yes, change it in the add-on settings.

Can I set it to download directly to my NAS?

Yes, but you need to mount your NAS via the OS, not via Kodi.

Provider X is blocked in my country/ISP, how can I set another domain?

Sorry, I won’t comment of specific providers.


– Fixed Linux ARM platforms.
– Removed usage of Kodi ‘resume playback’ parameter as it is often wrong.

This release is removed due to broken work on Linux ARM platforms!
– Updated libtorrent-go docker images to use Musl+GCC9 for Linux images. Should run on any Linux OS now.
– Modified automatic next episode starter, to avoid re-writing current episode.
– Fixed issue with internal DNS client and failed requests because of v6 IPs.
– Small changes to prioritization function to avoid useless calls to libtorrent.
– Changed default MaxConnections for libtorrent, from 200 to 80 for multicore devices, 50 to 40 for singlecore devices.
– Added handling of multiple BluRay directories in the torrent.
– Made search queries to become on top when selected from history list.
– Added selection of files, when added from web.
– Added button to web, to add torrent with downloading all files.
– Modified season/episode titles, used for subtitles searchers.
– Fixed issue when buffer dialog shows 0% progress.
– Added option to avoid adding subtitles files when video has included subtitles. Same option for automatic subtitles download.
– Added support for adding not only .srt subtitles. Full list:

– Fixed File storage pieces management.
– Fixed Antizapret proxy.

– Fixed issue with file not fully downloaded (using file storage).
– Added movie/show title to /play links.
– Fixed removal of files, upon torrent deletion in torrents list’ context menu.
– Fixed re-modification of torrent files upon torrent metadata received.
– Added feature to read added file, if it has magnet link inside.
– Fixed Croatian translation. Many thanks to @adiadi2.
– Another approach to make platform detection safer on closed platforms.

– Fixed issue with priorities setter for file storage.
– More subtitles reorganizations.

– Added option to skip IPv6 addresses with built-in DNS resolver.
– Small fixes for subtitles selector in existing torrents.
– Fixed payload for opensubtitles.
– Added Torrents history section.
– Refactored resume playback.

– More changes to piece pick strategy. Removed deadlines functionality.

– Added storing resume progress for downloaded files.
– Added “Download all” option to context menu in torrents list.
– Make “Yes” as predefined in confirm dialogs.
– Trying to treat piece priorities in a new way.

– Added separate option for defining minimum file size for episodes (to cover small episodes).
– More changes to deadlines management. Deadlines are not enabled by default.
– Buffer window now not shown if buffer is not needed.
– Fixed OSDB usage without login/password (anonymous mode now working).
– Modified OSDB to properly search episodes.
– Added option for auto-downloading subtitles from OSDB on playback start.
– Fixed internal proxy failure on configuration changes.
– Added Auto-buffering for next episode in playlist (Start playback from list of episodes by “Play from here …”).
– Modified all plugin links to have movie/episode titles in the link.
– Fixed proxy settings in libtorrent.
– Added Transaltions to search objects, that go to search plugins.
– Added Donate link to main menu.
– Added deadline reset for hailed-hash pieces.

– Added “Liked” Trakt lists to “My Collections”.
– Added context menu to Trakt lists, that allow adding them to main menu (Movies/Shows).
– Any list can be added to main lists. Context menu on them – to remove from main menu.
– More changes to libtorrent settings.
– Fixed many memory leaks.
– Added options

– Added “In Kodi library” sections, that show movies/shows added by Elementum in Kodi library.
– Added option to resume playback N seconds earlier.
– Added option to resume torrents with Paused/Resumed state.

– Small changes to pieces priorities settings.
– Fixes for resume playback management.

– Reorganized libtorrent settings.
– Added libtorrent profile settings.
– Added magnet retracker settings.

– Testing migration to libtorrent as a torrent library!
– If you want to use stable version – revert to 0.0.* version by updating from repository!
– Please report any found problems on github or gitter chat.
– Added option to auto-adjust buffer size to have at least 10 pieces before starting playback.
– Added option to skip auto-adjust buffer according to Kodi’s advancedsettings.xml
– Added libtorrent.config handling to manually adjust libtorrent settings. See
– Added setting to add season+episode number to episode titles.
– Reorganized startup to start faster.
– Reorganized existing torrents loading to load them in creation order.
– Reorganized fastresume+parts files cleanup.

– New memory storage implemented.
– Added save ability for magnets.
– Added Antizapret usage.

– Fixed error while browsing trakt movies.
– New approach to readahead settings.
– Added Opennic failback.

– Increased memory usage ratio.
– Fixed small problems.
– Added option to skip ‘resume’ if was chosed so in Kodi (no forced resume video).

– Fixed internal proxy hang on arm devices.
– Added option to disable internal DNS (disable for Tor usage, for example).
– Fixed player start from search.

– Added built-in HTTP Proxy for usage by searchers (like Burst). It include CloudFlare bypass and DNS over TLS usage.
– Added functionality for unwatching items in Kodi library, after it was unwatched in Trakt.

– One more fix for navigating in the searches.
– Subtitles now use original titles for searching.
– Fixed adding torrents window for Kodi 18.
– Fix to library updater, that was wrongly assigning watched state, due to Kodi IDs reuse.

– Added Concurrent connections settings.
– Changes in torrent library.

– Another attempt to fix search pages on Kodi 18.
– Changed TVDB url to allow proper parsing with latest TVDB scraper.

– Update torrent library version.
– Added auto-select for BluRay menu files.
– Added search capability for context plugin requests (search any content).
– Added mandatory check to find specified network interface.
– Optimizations to lower memory usage.
– Added settings to disable NFO files for Movies/Shows (should fix TVDB scraper issue).
– Another fix for starting playback from Search menu.

– Updated compiler version.
– Updated torrent library to fix big ammount of connections and low speeds caused by it.
– Fixed Trakt sync of shows’ watched status.
– Trakt watched state now saves real watched date.
– Added setting to change auto-library-update behavior (yes/ask/no).
– Small fixes for Kodi 18 compatibility.

– Increased default providers timeout.
– Added options to cleanup database and cache.
– Added selection of bittorrent network interface.
– Added selection of language for strm files (original names by default).
– Added option to automatically (silently) run library update on item add/remote.
– Added option to automatically submit logs to pastebin services (Additional -> Logging).
– Removed seasonXepisode from episode name for Kodi Player.
– Added fallback requests for empty Genres (some langages miss namings).
– Torrent files from multiple trackers now include all of them.
– More relevant names saved for Torrents (not the one included in torrent file, but the one we get from providers).
– Added NFO files generation for Movies/Shows to explicitly save IDs for Elementum/TMDB/TVDB/IMDB.

– Added proper gzip handling in torrent resolve.
– Added proxy setter to default HTTP client.

– Splitted Download path into Download+Torrents.
– Download path now is not needed for memory storage.
– Small fixes to fanart detection.

– Quick fix release.

– Changed thumbnails detection for episodes.
– Changed resolution detection for found streams.
– Fixed repository creation.

– Added usage of service for setting fanart.
– Added reading advancedsettings.xml file to adjust buffer size in Elementum.
– Changed Calendars pages.
– More changes to progress pages.

– Fixed bug with showing Trakt authorizarion when accessing Trakt lists.
– More changes to My Progress page look.
– Big changes to fanart selection for all lists and items.
– Added proper Cast to episodes and seasons.
– Splitted option to add/remove items to Trakt into movie/show separate settings.
– Changed progress date format to be more usual, like yyyy-mm-dd.

– Remastered Trakt progress page. Should be quicker loading.
– Added settings to customize Progress page (colorize, sorting, filtering).
– Added setting to allow automatic add/remove to custom Trakt Userlist.
– Fixed issue with TMDB lists.
– Added Trakt recommendations to Movies/Shows. It shows recommendations for currently logged user.
– Added Trakt Top lists. Lot of collections, composed by people.
– Small fixes.

– Added configuration for autoloading torrents on startup (only for non-memory storage).
– Added configuration for adding and removing movies/shows from Trakt lists when operated in Kodi library.
– Fixed missing artwork for Trakt items.
– Small bug fixes.

– Small bugs fixes.
– Search payload changed for general query (needs latest Burst).
– Added /debug/all to list debug information without log.
– Updated to latest torrent library.

– Hot-fix after v0.0.50

– Fixed issue with adding not-aired episodes to the library.
– Attempt to fix Xbox/iOS builds.
– Added functionality to make able to split plugin into local and remote part.

– Added Remove action in context menu of search queries.
– Added File submition to WebUI.
– Added Statistics menu item, which shows useful information about the plugin.
– Fixed usage of plugin with Windows Store’s Kodi.
– Fixed Pause/Unpause of torrents.
– Several small fixes.
– Now passing ProxyURL to searchers.

– Added caching for stream selection.
– Added caching for search results.
– Public/Opennic DNS configuration added to Kodi settings.
– Fixed usage of special chars in file names.
– Added /debug/bundle to download all the debug information.
– Fixed labels for /search playback.
– Other small fixes.

– Added proxy support to torrent library (Supports Socks4/Socks5/HTTP/HTTPS proxy).
– Stream selection become bigger.
– Added /debug/ URL to show debugging information.

– Added Automatic memory size detection option, which is enabled by default. Default is 5% of physical memory, but not bigger than 200mb.
– Fixed TCPv6 issue with listening, while disabled.
– Added language selector for OSDB.
– Altered Trakt to start sync after startup, not only after period of time.
– Fixed issue with removing strm files when Kodi is renewing the information.
– Added lists of Movies/Shows, filtered by Countries/Original Language, Country/Language menu in Movies/Shows.
– Added sort by size for torrents list in search results.
– Now showing directory name in file selection, if files have different directories.
– Another attempt to fix hanging “Resolving torrent files” notification.

– Fixed issues with IP+Port detection.
– Resume playback reorganized, so disable it from settings if needed.

– Mostly a maintenance release, fixing small issues.
– Fixed Pride show being added always to the library.
– Trailers playback moved to Youtube plugin.

– Migrating to another database engine to allow flexibility in the future.
– Library manipulations changed a lot due to database change, so it can bring bugs and errors. Please, report them on website.
– Small fixes.
– Updated torrent engine.

– Added Disable Upload setting to disable Uploading at all, if Seed Time is 0 – upload will stop when download is finished.
– Updated torrent engine.
– Small fixes.

– Added Context menu add-on to Elementum repository. Allows playing any item from Kodi library, not only strm files.
– Fixes for Kodi 16 library.
– Updated torrent engine.

– Custom DNS names reverted to become optional.
– Small fixes.

– Added custom DNS resolvers (Using Google/Quad9/Opennic servers).

– Fixing reported issues with the library management.
– Fixed searching non-english originated movies/shows.
– Updated Croatian and Hebrew languages. Thanks to @muzena and @meijin007.

– Added Upnp/NAT support (is testing mode).
– Added Shows Progress page for Trakt.
– Movies/Shows menu reorganization and unification.
– Added Silent playback start setting to not ask for existing torrents and reusing old ones.

– Re-Enabled seeding for memory storage.
– Fixed few bugs from github.

– Trakt lists now use TMDB data. Can be turned off in Settings > Appearance
– Not removing UTF characters from search payload.
– Smaller fixes to stability.

– Added unified watched status. TheMovieDB/Trakt lists can show Watched items, same with Kodi Library.

– Global changes to Library management
– Trakt Watched items are synced to Kodi library
– Kodi Watched items are synced to Trakt, as well
– Torrent library updated to latest version
This is a big change release, if you encounter a bug, please report it on!

– Added Changelog
– Caching moved to the database
– Added proper OS signal handling
– Fixed not-removed files after torrent removed
– Fixed rate limiting for download/upload
– Seeding is not disabled by default
– New rate limiter in use
– Faster tmdb listings

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