Improve your daily Kodi experience

Improve your daily Kodi experience

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What are some small things that Kodi Experts recommend?

With these tips&tricks you will enhance your daily use of Kodi, making it more responsive, faster and friendly.

Start using with Kodi

Trakt works by letting you set up a call of TV shows and movies (for commonly watched ones, for example), as well as a watchlist and custom lists. When paired with Kodi add-ons, it becomes a really powerful tool for tracking what you watch, including upcoming episodes, using the "Progress" section in participating add-ons. Along with authorizing Trakt through your add-on of choice, Kodi Expert highly recommends the official Trakt add-on from the official Kodi repository, as it will attempt to carry Trakt features even into add-ons which don't have Trakt integration. It also keeps track of your watch history between devices and when you reinstall Kodi. is definitely the way to go. Sign up for a free account at Trakt TV.

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Subscribe to a debrid service

Real Debrid, Alldebrid, Premiumize, etc. are all called DEBRID services. Use them to maximize HD sources and to mitigate/eliminate buffering.

Seriously, what is it, like 9 euro for 90 days? Just do it you won't regret it.

Stick with one or two Kodi addons for streaming shows, and add those shows to your library. I don't use trakt but I hear it's super useful for organizing shows.

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Simplify your skin

If you don't listen to music or watch pictures or whatever, get rid of those menu option. We recommend keeping only Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, and Settings.
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Aside from a good device, the features We most enjoy are real debrid and using a skin that we can create a home screen widget showing the trakt progress" from a custom trakt list rather than collection or watchlist. This let's my home screen show which episodes are up on deck to view next. I use xonfluence skin for this but I'm sure there are others as well. One other tidbit i didn't know the first couple months of using Kodi was by scrolling over a movie or show and bringing up context menu, it gives you "information" option which will show imdb rating and trailer.

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