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What is Seren Kodi Addon?

Seren is a new Kodi addon launched in November 2018. It is developed by the same author of the world’s famous Incursion Kodi Addons. It works with Premiumize and Real-Debrid to stream torrents instantly with the relevant provider package and works just like Netflix, having Autoplay and Up Next integration out of the box.

Reminder: This add-on DOES NOT work without either Premiumize, Real-Debrid, and/or AllDebrid (and only works with the paid premium versions of either service), and the “Smart Play Settings” (Up Next, Auto Playlist Creation, Auto Episode Resume, and Pre-emptive Scraping) DO NOT work without an authorized Trakt account.

How to install Seren Kodi Add-on

1. Open Kodi on your platform. After a few seconds waiting for completely loading Kodi, you will see the standard main interface (in the images we are using Kodi 17.6. The interface in Kodi 18 Leia is mainly similar so you should follow the same steps). Start by clicking on the SETTINGS button on the top left (it is that cog wheel under Kodi logo).

2. Position and Open the Files manager in the bottom right of Kodi -> Settings window.

3. You have 2 similar panels here. Tap on Add source on any of them to bring the next window where you will input the source path.

4. With the Add file source dialogue box open, position and click on  selection as in the image below.

5. A full screen will appear next, where you will need to input from the keyboard the Seren Kodi repository path:  with no mistakes.  Remember to pay attention to input the correct path letter by letter. If you make any mistake, the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction in the next steps.

6. In the “Enter a name for this media source” field pick any desired name for the source name. We recommend that you name it Seren (for easy identification later). Then press ok. Be careful with the chosen name: that name shouldn’t have been used before.

7. Next return to the KODI Main Menu by pressing BACK key multiple times. Now go and click on Add-ons from the left main menu (the one with the open box).

8. On the top left corner, you’ll get 3 new icons. Go to the Open Box (or unzipper, the first icon on the top left screen) and just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen, you will see a list of multiple options. We need to go to the Install from zip file section in order to open the addon source.

10. A new window called Install from zip file opens. You will have a list of local and internet sources. Simply select and click on ‘Seren‘ (or whatever name you saved in step 6).

11.  Now click on (if the file version is a little bit different you shouldn’t worry. Probably it has been recently updated).

12. Just click on it and press INSTALL and WAIT for the top right notification saying “Nix’s Repo Repository Successfully Installed” message.

13. If the above step succeeded you will be returned to the previous menu (as in step 8) where you have the add-on browser interface.

14. This time click on the 3rd menu called Install from Repository – see the selection in the image below

15. Go down to “Nix’s Repo Repository

16. Simply choose Video Add-ons

17. Now select Seren and choose Install (the cloud icon in the bottom right)

18. To start enjoying your brand new installed Kodi addon go to Video add-on section and locate the Seren icon.

19. Open Seren, go to tools, Open Settings Menu
20. Go to Accounts and authenticate Trakt and your debrid service (either Premiumize or Real-Debrid)
21. Go to Providers, Install From Web URL.
22. Type in
23. A prompt will come up asking if you’d like to install the scrapers, Press “Install”, then Press Okay after successful install
24. Go and look in the Seren Add-on settings to check if everything is ok.


1. To get the sources listed, instead of auto-playing a movie or TV Show, you MUST USE the context menu (long press on your remote). You will get the best options like “Source Select” or “Play from here” directly from Seren.

2. In NixGate’s repo you just installed at step 14, you can install Up Next Service to make Seren work just like Netfli’s Up next notification. Click to Install from repository ->Nixgates Repo ->Services>and install Up Next
After install on the same screen, go to configure
Change “Default action when nothing selected” to Don’t play
Enable “Enable on playlist”
Press okay to save settings
CREDITS: nixgates and reddit_reaper

Seren kodi Addon Features

  • Future proof. Seren has been tested against Krypton, Leia nad both work well.

  • Speed. Seren is fast not only with its menus but scraping as well, with its caching of scraped information. Almost every line of code has been written from scratch and it is heavily optimized which hopefully makes Seren among the fastest of the fast.

  • While PY3 tests have been done, the addon still has minor issues that need re-working to future proof it.

  • Netflix-like behavior. Seren automatically creates playlists of shows that you select by default. It even has the ability to automatically resume from where you left off from a single click on a show

  • Up Next addon integration which provides a Netflix-style prompt asking if you would like to continue to the next episode. (Please note, up next must be set to “Do Nothing” if not clicked as Seren handles this internally)

  • Pre-emptive scraping and auto play by default. Seren is meant to be as close to a click and play experience and as such, the default behavior is to scrape and find the best source and play it. Pre-emptive scraping means in most circumstances you will only ever see the scraping windows on the first episode of a TV Show.

  • Custom provider module installer. Seren is built to accept the installation of complete provider packages. These can be installed and maintained on an individual basis – provider packs automatically get added to Seren’s master scraper list and individual providers in the package can be enabled and disabled at will by the end user.

  • Automatic caching. Seren will automatically attempt to cache content to your debrid providers when no cached sources are found. Real-Debrid support is limited to single episode caching while Premiumize has full-featured pack (season or entire series) support. This is unfortunately an API limitation of Real-Debrid.

  • Automatic Premiumize cloud management. By default, Seren will keep anything it downloads in your Premiumize cloud until 50% of your fair use percentage is consumed. This is to boost the cache retention time for everyone and help boost the communities seamless experience. Seren will automatically remove anything it has cached while leaving content you have submitted manually alone once the threshold limit has been met. Don’t worry, Premiumize returns all storage to your fair use when it is deleted, this feature just ensures that the cache is bigger for everyone!

  • Shuffle play. A much loved feature by parents who want to put a show on for the kids and for those of us who like TV for background noise, Shuffle Play has made a triumphant return. By opening the context menu on a show you want to play and hit shuffle play and Seren takes care of the rest.

  • Premium subscription notifications. Never have to worry about your Real-Debrid or Premiumize subscriptions running out again – Seren will notify you if your subs are in need of renewal. No more embarrassing “why isn’t this working?” posts needed!

  • Next Up. It’s like the Progress you’re used to in other addons but displayed in a new streamline format.Next Up is designed to take you right back to where you left off in your binge watching. Just click a show and Seren will build a list for you and start playing!

  • Local torrent cache. Seren has the ability to automatically store the torrent info locally so that even if the site scrape fails, you can still watch the next episode of that show you’re binging. With Pre-emptive termination, Local torrent cache also allows Seren to completely skip any provider scraping if it’s needs are met.

Seren also carries through some of the features we all know and love including:

  • Pre-emptive Termination, (Seperate Resolutions for Movie and TV Shows)

  • Trakt Bookmarks

  • Full Trakt Integration

  • Hide x265 files.

Now of course all of this automation sounds great and all but those of us who prefer a little more hands on control haven’t been forgotten.

Here are a few highlights of Seren’s options for power users.

  • Manual caching of content if no content has been found in the cache.

  • Source select.

  • Extended Account control.

  • API keys. Have your own TMDB and TVDB API keys? Just fill them on in and they will be used in place of Serens default ones.

  • Provider control. Install scraper packs, uninstall scraper packs, enable or disable providers from those packs. Seren makes it easy to manage your providers without having to dig through a bunch of menus.

Seren is a DEBRID ONLY addon for now, but as the addon continues to grow I do intend for it to encompass directly playable sources and premium services such as Netflix and Amazon.

There’s still more to come though, here are a few things on the more immediate future To Do list:

  • Addon Artwork. Seren development has been primarily focused on getting in the features users need and getting it stable. This means there is currently no artwork in the addon for menu items. If you would like to put your hand up to help with this I would love to see some work!

  • Full debrid cloud support. As of right now, Seren just has basic capabilities to see the progress of downloads in the Premiumize and Real-Debrid clouds. You can’t play from the cloud right now or manage the files on your cloud, this is coming.

  • Premiumize hoster cache. Premiumize has support for cached hosters at the same cost as torrents now. Support will be added in a future update and they will be flagged and a sort method for cached hoster files will be created.

  • support

  • Open subtitles hook

  • File Size limits

Changelog 3.0.0
[PERFORMANCE] Drop support for Python 2.x (Kodi Leia and below)
[PERFORMANCE] Optimize codebase for Python 3.x (Kodi Matrix and above)
[PERFORMANCE] Improvements to Smart Play
[PERFORMANCE] Improve playlist creation
[PERFORMANCE] Don’t use strptime
[PERFORMANCE] Small perf improvement to supported file type checks
[PERFORMANCE] Optimize from_widget detection
[PERFORMANCE] Optimize movie release date handling
[PERFORMANCE] Use cache for pull_all if not page 1 and ignore_cache = True
[FEATURE] Introduce support for direct sources
[FEATURE] Better support for adaptive sources
[FEATURE] Better passing of movie aliases to providers
[FEATURE] Smoother resolver flow
[FEATURE] Convert add-on settings to new format
[FEATURE] Add AV1 filter
[FEATURE] Rework alias passing to scrapers
[FEATURE] Better identification of WEB and BLURAY sources
[FEATURE] Support clearlogo from TMDB
[FEATURE] Prioritize Trakt airdate metadata
[FEATURE] Update Seren logo for 3.0.0
[FEATURE] Icons for all menus
[FEATURE] Support package and provider icons
[FEATURE] Add Hebrew localizations
[FEATURE] Update pytz to 2022.7
[BUG] Improve Player resiliency and error handling (re-factor)
[BUG] Fix Multiple issues with player up next popup and track watched reported
[BUG] Fix Task Done error (re-write Threadpool)
[BUG] Fix Smartplay not working after 2nd episode watched
[BUG] Improve Database handling and Foreign Key references (DB schema refactor)
[BUG] Increase RD timeout
[BUG] Fix Trakt bookmark handling
[BUG] Fix TVDB Normalization error
[BUG] Fix Most TV Show Episodes/Seasons don’t have certification (MPAA)
[BUG] Fix Awake from sleep sometimes misses plugin calls
[BUG] Fix Seren not playing some cached files from Premiumize
[BUG] Fix sort_select tries to read invalid settings
[BUG] Fix Local time conversion not happening for movies releases
[BUG] Fix Clear logo overlap on getSources window
[BUG] Fix Widgets Disappear on Error
[BUG] Fix two bugs with Trakt watched/unwatched actions
[BUG] Fix missing seeds count when Manual Caching
[BUG] Fix typo in German localizations
[BUG] Remove rogue \ in translations

Changelog 2.2.4
[BUG] Fix bugs related to foreign key constraints

Changelog 2.2.3
[BUG] Fix Trakt Scrobbling and Playing Next
[FEATURE] Update pytz to 2022.6

Changelog 2.2.2
[BUG] Trakt scrobbling hitting rate limiter
[BUG] Improve onWake and sleeping service calls
[FEATURE] Update pytz to 2022.5
[FEATURE] Fixed ‘info_text’ item property for themes

Changelog 2.2.1
[BUG] Error on fresh install from update news
[BUG] Discover TV Shows Genre multi-select not working
[PERFORMANCE] Limit search to title and aliases only

Changelog 2.2.0
[FEATURE] Complete refactor of source sorting
[FEATURE] Add enhanced filtering options
[FEATURE] Improve release title info detection
[FEATURE] Improved source statistics, filtering and pretermination
[FEATURE] Updated default seren skin
[FEATURE] Window class refactors
[FEATURE] Add adaptive source selection when smartplaying
[FEATURE] “Original” for TMDB for High artwork size
[FEATURE] Allow deleting single search terms from search history
[FEATURE] Base List Types for Genres default setting switch
[FEATURE] Add trakt user blocked notification.
[FEATURE] Auto clean torrent cache
[FEATURE] Re-open settings at correct place
[FEATURE] Add verbiage in our news function about source sorting changes
[FEATURE] Update pytz to 2022.1
[FEATURE] Add Kodi 20 Alpha1 Videodb support (Note: Kodi 20 is not officially supported yet)
[PERFORMANCE] Lazy load dependencies and optimize imports
[PERFORMANCE] Improve performance of pre-emptive termination checks
[PERFORMANCE] Improve performance of source sorting and cloud scrapers
[PERFORMANCE] Improve performance of source filtering
[PERFORMANCE] Optimise year generation code for menus
[BUG] Fix background updating of shows
[BUG] List cache on first boot for widgets broken
[BUG] Marking an episode as unwatched via CM does not remove last_watched_at in DB
[BUG] Marking show watched/unwatched shouldn’t affect specials
[BUG] Handle error response from OMDb
[BUG] Increase read timeout for trakt when milling all seasons
[BUG] Try close session for
[BUG] Double widget refresh can occur when playback ends and trakt manager
[BUG] Trakt Manager –> Hide Show
[BUG] Duplicate episodes when trakt_id changes
[BUG] Tvdb fallback is not working as it should
[BUG] TMDB Show meta never up to par
[BUG] TMDB air_dates have no time component
[BUG] Fix TMDB Rate limiting handler
[BUG] My Lists don’t pull all lists
[BUG] Duplicate my lists lists when no_paging enabled
[BUG] Remove a4kSubtitles Integration
[BUG] IndexError from sort_sources
[BUG] TVDB errors when there is no item in the iterator
[BUG] Shuffle Play not working when “Flatten Season Episodes” enabled
[BUG] Seren not passing aliases to a4kScrapers for movies
[BUG] Cloud Scrapers don’t find episodes that include year after title
[BUG] Change NoPlayableSourcesExcetion to log at info level
[BUG] Fix getSources progress calculation
[BUG] Fixup adaptive handling since the source sorting and statistic changes
[BUG] Limit flip multiple providers to the current package
[BUG] Ensure we have a valid integer value for torrent seeds
[BUG] Fix Premiumize transfer progress values
[BUG] Return gracefully when we have no valid zipfile from install package
[BUG] Handles source sizes in KB
[BUG] Fix focus issues on windows
[BUG] Fix provider module import issues
[BUG] Improve handling of Kodi object cleanup

Changelog 2.1.9
Fix PM Application Authorization
Fix show pack retrieval in torrent cache
Fix a4kSubtitles import path for case sensitive filesystems
Use addon id in setting cache prefix for kodi window properties
Fix focus broken in provider window with no providers

Changelog 2.1.8
Fix prescrape cache result being ignored
Fix get_sources to return all relevant torrent hashes from torrent cache
Some minor cache performance improvements

Changelog 2.1.7
Fix MyFiles listings for all FileWalkers
Fix Rescrape item should overwrite torrent cache
Added info meta up to par check in fallback logic
Fix playback history normalization needed for Quick Resume context menu bug
Fix reset playback progress for shows/seasons/episodes
Handle Cloudflare 530 error for Trakt
Fix space_used now returns value in TB
Handle bugs in API for list files gracefully.

Changelog 2.1.6
Work around Sqlite on Leia under Windows does not support boolean named values
Ensure we fetch all pages for syncing ratings and ignore cache for bookmark/hidden sync
Fix collections.Mapping import for Python >= 3.3

Changelog 2.1.5
Workaround trakt shitty season data
Added trakt list sort types for Watched, Collected and My Rating
Fix trakt season milling for updated shows
Fix mill_if_needed queries for seasons and episodes
Use cache for first load of widgets for trakt lists
Force a cache clear on release version changes
Update seasons statistics again, with even more fallbacks
Ensure we clean up AD/RD cloudfiles if we can’t identify the file to play
Fixed typo in url for widget refresh from activities sync
Allow widget refresh while playing for foreground tasks
Fix air dates not always showed correctly for shows/seasons
Fix tzlocal call to pytz.tzinfo.build_tzinfo and update pytz to 2021.3
Hide trakt auth option if we are already authed
Change icons to transparent background
Use an empty content type value for menu containers
Added ‘an’ to the list of excluded sort tokens
Update Dutch translations
Update French translations
Add Polish translations

Changelog 2.1.4
Genre and Next Page icons
Improve widget refresh logic
Update show/season statistics after reinserting from updated meta
Perform trakt sync on system resume
Support kodi standard addon localisations
Fix downloads
Fix hide shows from episodes/season items
Add “Auto-Delete Torrents” for AD
Fix RD torrents not auto-deleting
Fix broken cache cleaning
Don’t use show OMDB data for seasons
Remove update checker
Localize custom windows
Use show ids for setUniqueIDs
Always mill specials
Optimise TVDB threading
Optimise filter_dictionary and safe_dict_get
Increase requests connection pool size
Don’t use dict.keys() when unnecessary
Some minor fixes and optimisations to tools and globals
Minor performance improvement to the sqlite row factory
Optimise TZ initialisation
Debounce onSettingsChanged callback in SerenMonitor
Added database indices to episodes, movies, hidden and bookmarks tables

Changelog 2.1.3
Workaround Kodi’s lack of multi-process settings management
Fix Trakt updated endpoints now only support 30 days from “now”
Fix call to get_url in RD account status check and enhanced PM and AD account status checks
Fix Trakt IDs being sent wrong to windows

Changelog 2.1.2
Fix RD auth when there are existing values in settings.xml
Get debrid premium status immediately after auth and improve values/handling
Make Trakt auth for widget loads needing auth to wait for auth
Ensure all trakt API instances always get latest auth tokens
Fix Trakt revoke auth issues that led to bad values in settings.xml
Don’t wipe user data in trakt sync db on trakt revoke auth unless next authed user is different
Fix clipboard copy to work on Linux under Matrix and and add MacOS support
Fix season milling requires update check
Fix adding unaired items to watchlist from search when hide unaired is enabled
Fix eternal trakt IDs for trakt addon ratings/scrobbling for episodes
Fix trakt list sorting direction for rank sorting
Don’t cache personal trakt lists
Reorder code path in GlobalLock to avoid rare race condition
Fix Long life service manager does not exit when kodi requests it to
Change InputStream Helper dependency to optional
Gracefully handle bad dates in OMDB indexer
Improved settings cache thread locking
Handle None/empty values better in settings cache
VACCUM during DB rebuild (reclaim disk space)

Changelog 2.1.1
Fix RD losing auth issue
Improve OAUTH refresh flow edge case coverage for Trakt and TVDB
Re-implement retry on db lock during sql execution
Fix an issue with GlobalLock run_once exiting too early
Fix several shows views on demand insertion of missing data
Fix movies genres on demand insertion of missing data
Update season episode count after episode milling (fixes seasons showing incorrectly as watched)
Fix minimum size filter

Changelog 2.1.0
Major re-work of metadata updates and merging
Fix air dates not being updated
Fix missing artwork not being updated
Fix meta data merging
Improved meta data fallback processing
Improve global and sync locks, reduce thread locking
Improve caching code to reduce required requests.
Additional caching for metadata indexer endpoints
Improve database handling code
Improve timezone detection fallback handling
Make Seren python version agnostic
Implemented a true settings cache
Brought back test windows feature for skin developers
Moved to kodi module version of unidecode
Updated pytz to latest release
Fix mysql Kodi database support under Leia
Removed youtube dependency
Workaround for type error in CacheAssist quality filter
Fix resolver window error when no sources found
Remove argv usage from SmartPlay
Reworked forced widget refresh approach
Logging cleanup

Changelog 2.0.19
Fix handling of unicode in URLs, TV Networks and Searching issues on Leia
Fix TV show years
Fix PM CacheAssist status updates
Only try to auto-cache if auto-cache is actually enabled
Change default threadpool size and provide user settings
Increase timeout configuration setting maximum permitted value
Make pre-scrape respect new maximum value for timeout
Change approach for deaccenting clean_title and transliterate actor names
During prescrape, don’t pop up the too restrictive filters window and just use unfiltered list for sorting
Fix Kodi Bookmark Clearing with MySQL DB support
Temporarily disable totaltime progress indicators as they break our resume on Matrix
Fix TVDB session issues
Fix XBOX Database Issues
Fix database pickling issues
Fix Kodi crashes in Leia
Fix Kodi crashes in Matrix (with exception of reuselanguageinvoker enabled when stopping playback combined with widgets)
Change default value of reuselanguageinvoker to False and force use addon provided value on upgrade
Ensure we release all Kodi objects to prevent memory leaks and crashes
Ensure we close all requests sessions to prevent memory leaks
Workaround occasional python bug with strptime in lambda functions
Made Kodi version detection algorithm more resilient and cover pre-release versions
Logging enhancements
Added Arabic translations

Changelog 2.0.18
Fix the thread pool issues
Added logic to push down the country_origin to be used by the scrapers
Original title swap now only occurs for display, use unicode everywhere
Fixed normalization function retuning unnormalized values
Fix for genre multi-select always showing same items
Fixed local TZ conversion for dates in Upcoming, Source Select and OSD
Real Debrid use status_codes to determine what are good requests
Make sure we have all parts for the calculation of the bookmarks
Added regex to parse semver out of version label
Re-implemented update checker that will work regardless of repo changes

Changelog 2.0.17:
Fix for shows search and TVDB empty data
Fix handling of timestamp creation to be UTC compliant
Fix timezone code taking unix path on Windows
Added a fall through for android getprop timezone detection
Handle invalid dates from metadata indexer when obtaining year value.
Fix Matrix UI spins on closing download manager
Add check for invalid list position in download manager returned by an empty list
Fix isFolder bool for download manager
Fix resume progress indicators
Calculate resumetime at bookmark insert for movies
Add support for clearing bookmarks on Matrix
Fix view_type has no attribute isdigit bug
Ensure studio info value in seasons/episodes
Add provider package version information to existing logging item
Handle removal of legacy provider meta file both on uninstall and upgrade
Replaced seekTime with execute of BigSkipForward
Fix Simplejson decode error not caught bug
Handle exception instances from a4ksubtitles
Fix pagination for genre multi-select
Fix paging of Finish Watching has same items bug
Fixed show pack suffixes and checking of 1×1 episode naming
Updated missing codes and added it-IT, fr-FR and ar-SA translations
Update Danish language strings

Changelog 2.0.16:
Fix addon update check
Fix trakt module attempting to refresh when not authorised

Changelog 2.0.15:
Fixed python depend

Changelog 2.0.14:
Fixed scraping issue if title is not present at IMDB
Added workarounds for syncing trakt database on xbox
Fixed Trending/Popular Trakt lists repeating
Seperated sort and pagination setting for Trakt collection
Applied sort and pagination settings for collection to unfinished shows in collection
Re-worked date handling to use UTC for all internal uses and convert to local on display
Fixed pagination on recently watched shows menu
Fixed source sorting issue for py3
Fixed race condition in pre-term for py3
File size now displayed on resolver dialog
Updated some dutch translations
Fixed hosters not being handled correctly at scrape
Fix reuselanguageinvoker default
Fixed background sync attempting to run when no Trakt auth present

Changelog 2.0.13
Fixed settings not sticking when using reuselanguageinvoker
Fixed reuselanguageinvoke status not sticking after toggling
Reuselangugageinvoker state now forced on startup
Reduced Trakt retries on server failures
Increased backoff timeout for retries
Fixed playback for special episodes failing
Eased timeout issues for bookmarks
Fixed non-direct, non-debrid hosters appearing in source select
Fix spanish translation file name
Fixed title sorting for lists with articles
Fixed paging on new shows

Changelog 2.0.12
Fix for source select, tested on 4 skins

Changelog 2.0.11
Take preventative measures to reduce overloading Trakt servers
Increase local show/season statistic refreshing
Fixed cloud source sorting
Fixed HEVC source sorting
New shows api call now pulls english and local language from Trakt
Modified database commit method to allow for xbox support
Reformat source select screen again to allow better filename displaying
Fixed next button showing on next up menu
Removed pycryptodome dependency, this will need to be requested on a per provider basis
Fixed pre-term
Fixed empty search results raising exception
Fixed auto episode resuming
Fixed superficial exceptions in play dialogs
Updated danish language strings

Changelog 2.0.10
Fixed issue with milling seasons to often
Added checks when attempting to cache magnet
Fixed tvshows new
Fetching of RD account details after auth fixed
Fixed spanish translation folder name
Reformat of source select to allow larger file name sizes
Fixed race condition in ThreadPool
Added fallback for text color if skin color could not be inherited
Add legacy param support for smart play playlist creation
Fix hide the hiding of unaired episodes from non mixed episode lists
Removed default action setting until a appropriate workaround for kodi setting is achieved
Wrapped player interactions with Trakt API with Try/Excepts to allow network failures
Added fallback method if no thumb art is available
Added temporary workaround for ratings issue in add_directory_items
Fixed keep-alive in player module. (Fixes dialogs, playlist creation, marking as watched if not caused by network failure)
Allowed exceptions in cache check to allow for debrid providers who are offline
Replaced ok dialogs for connection issues with notifications

Changelog 2.0.9:
Fixed RD cloud scraping
Fixed issue if all providers were disabled scraping would run as if all were enabled
Fixed smartplay and legacy paramas support
Fixed bug causing failure when checking art from TMDB
Fixed user lists menus
Added spanish translation
Fixed backing out from menu when opened from widget (having to backout multiple times)
Fixed season watch markers

Changelog 2.0.8:
Temporary Workaround for trakt items not providing trakt_id
Better RD episode resolving
Better episode identification during resolving
Catch WindowsError exception when handling skins
Fix text highlight selection
Cool down background service on failure

Changelog 2.0.7:
Fixed All debrid torrent resolving
Fixed movie resuming
Fixed issue with limited providers running at scrape
Fixed AD re-auth
Changes to attempt to fix XBOX support and ascii issues with timezones
Fixed unaired episodes showing blank
Fixed AD User info fetching
Fixed ghost providers
Fixed TypeError with pre-termination

Changelog 2.0.6:
Create Skins directory if missing
Allow failure in pre-term until investigated

Changelog 2.0.5:
Allow more failures that will require to be investigated further in the future

Changelog 2.0.4:
Safe get release title when cloud scraping
Allow and log failures in maintenance process

Changelog 2.0.3:
Added default value of None for skin color when attempting to pull color from user’s skin

Changelog 2.0.2:
Force table re-fresh is sync database fails to rebuild when updating

Changelog 2.0.1:
Fix last_meta_update value to reflect new Seren version

Changleog 2.0.0:

Added Download Manager
Complete re-write of Trakt Sync Database
Metadata handler introduced and complete re-write of handling of metadata
Settings that modify metadata can now be changed on the fly and do not require a rebuild
Users can now manually resolve a file from the source select screen
Users can now manually cache a specific source from the source select screen
Complete re-write of menu handling
Introduced globals module to handle global variables for interpreter
Implement re-use language invoker setting from Kodi
Pre-emptive termination now disabled for background Pre-scrapes and timeout set to max for background scrapes
New artwork and custom dialogs
Metadata now upadted on the fly when updated item encountered from Trakt
Next Up menu now populated from local database
Sync has been fleshed out to include even more meta data during cycle
Failures to auto resolve now prompt user in case they wish to manually interrupt
Items are now able to supply multiple images for any given type for skins that make use of it
Support for Python 3
Global thread lock now implemented for required methods (prevents multiple syncs occuring at once and other locks)
InputStreamAdaptive support
Providers now have the abiity to implement settings
Provider packages can now elect to make use of their own background services
Provider packages can now offer images for each provider
Cache and Sync database items are now pickled
Complete re-write of resovler module and consolidated code
Kodi 19 support
All Debrid implementation now fully featured
Sources can now be sorted by filesize low to high for users that wish to do so
Forcing widget refresh after playback now optional
Zip manager implemented for handling of zip files
Skin Manager rework
Automated resolving now more reliable
OMDB API implemented
Feedback provided at scrape if no providers are found
Feedback provided at scrape if no debrid providers are setup
Debrid account status now visible from Seren settings

Changelog 1.6.10:
Increased concurrent threads for Trakt Sync database to speed up large menu lists
Fixed movie view by ID setting not displaying
Fix TypeError when a manual update check is performed and no providers are installed.
Added monkey patch of requests to allow cancellation of provider requests after we have exited getSources keepalive
Added support to inform providers to shutdown
Force lists to sync against trakts dates instead of local
Fix marking watched on specials if no episodes are present
Re-factored marking as watched for shows/seasons to speed up process
Randomize service run time to avoid conflicting schedules
More py3 compatibility fixes
Zip file handling fixes due to issues with py3 compat
Extended logging in RD resolving to allow better identification of issues

Changelog 1.6.9:
Fixed AllDebrid Cache check mistake during py3 compatibility changes

Changelog 1.6.8:
Tighten and speed up PM cloud file inspection
Multiple fixes to TMDb module
buildSimpleTorrentInfo now more safe for shows that lack information
Added compatibility for Trakt usernames with non ASCII characters
Created new regex method for identifying files inside a pack
Premiumize resolver now uses regex method
Real Debrid resolver now uses regex method
Reworked RD cache check method to use new new methods created
Cleaned up Real Debrid resolver method
Cleaned up Premiumize resolver method
Genre lists now use the trending endpoint to provide more current/relevant titles
Fix possible double resolving of source in source select if not using auto-try next source
Fixed Play from random point not clearing playing items from playlist

Changelog 1.6.7:
Fix season sort due to stringed season number from TMDb module

Changelog 1.6.6:
Fix call for movies

Changelog 1.6.5:
Fixed shows not syncing due to oddly formatted season information
Fix MyFiles link resolving
Fix All Debrid menu structuring in MyFiles
Added more filtering to cache assist to provide a more relevant source
Moved TMDb indexer to default meta provider for show items
Added try/except/finally to _remove_old_meta_items in sync activities to ensure database cursor is closed on failure

Changelog 1.6.4:
Trakt requests now automatically re-try in the event of remote server failures
Fixed issue with some movies not being marked as collected during sync
Catch stringed NoneType values in
Resolver now returns None if cancelled, regardless if resolving was successful
File size limits are now enabled by default (10GB)
Fixed settings cleanup method (missmatch settings error)
Fixed MyFiles for All Debrid
Seperated cloud services within MyFiles

Changelog 1.6.3:
Fixed backwards compatibility for older Seren list urls
Movie titles now confirm against IMDB before scrape
Stop triggering Oauth refresh on 401 errors
Next up sort style now requires Trakt Auth
All Debrid magnets are now removed from account after resolving is complete
Fixed source size possibly displaying multiple times in resolver window
Rescrape now only applies to initial playlist item
Fixed ability to backout of Hide Item selection in Trakt manager
Fixed Trakt lists with same name being mixed up
Trakt list titles now also append the username

Changelog 1.6.2:
Fixed trakt database rebuild issues

Changelog 1.6.1:
Fix playback for RD items in My Files
Fix Trakt Sync Databsae not upgrading correctly
Fixed Trakt lists missing items
Settings dialog now closes during PM auth
Fixed double database rebuilding
Fixed AllDebrid movie resolving
Fix list comprehension error in check_for_updates method in skin_manager module

Changelog 1.6.0:
Some Greek translations added
Some German translations added
Next Up menu now generated completely locally using DB query
Added All-Debrid Support
Premiumize now uses O-Auth (re-auth is required)
Complete re-work of the standard playlist building (removes building playlist window for standard playback)
Re-work of My Files module to reduce spaghetti
Re-work of resolver module to reduce spaghetti
New Custom Windows Still Watching/Play Next
Added update support for Seren Themes
Removed support for UpNext addon
Lists are now synced to the trakt database
More work on module, better bookmark identification and playback marking
Re-work Trakt Manager to be more context sensitive
Added ability to paginate Trakt lists
Added some more shortcuts to the search menu
Show information is confirmed with IMDB prior to scrape
Date and time in custom windows now displays in regional format
Added fallbacks for shows meta gathering in Trakt DB
Source filtering improvements to reduce meta loss
Set a timeout for calls (reduces slow downs at cost of artwork)
Re-worked intial trakt sync and removed dialog box
Complete overhaul of the bookmark system
Fixed torrent semaphore not being released
Playback parameters are now applied to further episodes
Implement new listall endpoint for Premiumize cloud scraping (decreased scrape times)
More minor bugfixes (honestly could not list them all)

Changelog 1.4.7:
Enable Kodi Menu caching on search results
Increase source info identification
Fix mislabeled strings in trakt manager
Adjust premiered meta key to be gathered from trakt information instead of alternative indexer
Add fallback to account for empty premiered key set to empty string

Changelog 1.4.6:
Removed duplicate caching from meta provider modules
Fixed typos
Additional translation strings added
Fixed potential deadlocks from occuring in the worker module
Reduced workers for Trakt Sync operations

Changelog 1.4.5:
Inceased speed in TMDb module by threading more network requests

Changelog 1.4.4:
Fixed accidental swap of preferred source of artwork labels
Duplicated poster value to thumb for show and season objects

Changelog 1.4.3:
Created Artwork Category in settings
Adjusted artwork settings visibility to better represent end format

Changelog 1.4.2:
Adjust Advanced artwork strings
Fixed Premiumize Max Storage setting visibility
Changing highlight color now re-opens settings menu
Adjusted getInfo to support more information tags

Changelog 1.4.1:
Created worker module and lazy threadpool
Increased title and information identification for sources
Added advanced settings for item artwork
Increased network request caching
Uninstall in provider manager now works similar to disabling providers
Threadlocked SQL database entries

Changelog 1.4.0:
Fixed Provider Manager Default Focus
Fixed language string spacing for Disable All Hosters
Fixed Notification timeouts for available updates
Added multiple fall backs for metadata information to better support outages
Fixed Premiumize visibility equations
Settings re-work for better flow
Added settings to allow user to choose artwork service
Fix setCast for items, cast items now display images
Updated last_meta_update for trakt sync database

Changelog 1.3.6:
Fix skin_dir XML pointer

Changelog 1.3.5:
Theme Manager now uses pointer to reduce file movements
Fixed Unicode errors on deaccentString method
Fixed SkinManager import for Provider Manager
Fixed type issues with tuples for view types

Changelog 1.3.4:
Fixed Cache Assist always triggering
Fixed cache clear notification appearing if user cancels process
Increased fall backs for TV show artwork
Fixed series posters being served as thumbnail fallback, changed to fanart
Removed Caching of Trakt user lists
Increased text translation
Added Dutch Translations

Changelog 1.3.3:
Added check to confirm folder “Default” is included in theme package
Added new language strings

Changelog 1.3.2:
Fixed Scrobbling

Changelog 1.3.1:
Fixed delay when resuming items
Fixed issues with missing theme variables in tools module
Lowered RD request timeout
Improved Seren’s ability to detect moment playback has started
Improved handeling of accented text in Premiumize resolver

Changelog 1.3.0:
Serens skins renamed to “Themes” to try avoid confusion with Kodi skins
Fixed issue displaying show seasons where season numbering does not start from 1 eg BBC Horizon
Added Flatten Seasons setting
Small improvements to player module

Changelog 1.2.2:
Fixed search history results not searching
Fixed issue with providers not displaying names correctly
Fixed RD Cloud movie sources showing incorrect size meta
Movies Fanart now acquired using TMDB ID
Added redundant reset to scrobble status on playback start in player module
Fixed and confirmed all searching related items

Changelog 1.2.1:
Fixed providers not refreshing after new dialog raised with Toolbox button in Provider Manager
Added touch/mouse support for Provider Manager window
Fixed Kodi crashing on playback from widgets
Fixed Kodi playback error displaying when played from skin info dialog

Changelog 1.2.0:
Fixed arguments or Trakt Manager context item
Fixed playlist not clearing on cancel of source select
Re-design of provider package management

Changelog 1.1.3:
Updated hash regex to support uncommon magnets
Fixed browse show from mixed episode lists
Language string “32055” change to “Clear Local Torrent Cache”
Added confirmation at clearing of torrent cache
Added confirmation at clearing of search history
Removed multiline source select setting as it is no longer required
Setting “Hide Low Quality Items” renamed to “Hide Common Undesirable Items”
Setting “Check for Seren Updates” renamed to “Notify Me About Available Updates”
Removal of orphaned files
Restructuring of some folders
Fixed duplicate removal process removing debrid duplicates
Clean up of player init method

Changelog 1.1.2:
Added fallback to hash on failure to extract from magnet in RD resolver

Changelog 1.1.1:
Added the ability to use custom images for custom window skins
Added the window property “skin.dir”, property contains the file path for the current active skin (similar to special://skin/)
Moved RD premium check further down in auth process
Trakt username api call changed to users/me endpoint

Changelog 1.1.0:
Added the Skin Manager Feature
Users can now install custom XML window packages
Users can now uninstall custom XML window packages
Users can now switch between custom XML window packages

Changelog 1.0.24:
Fix Automatic Episode Resume

Changelog 1.0.23:
Fixed disable/enabled of providers
Clean up some missed logging

Changelog 1.0.22:
Fixed Background Scraping Display style

Changelog 1.0.21:
Fixed issue with Custom Providers refresh not honoring disabled status (Actually this time)
Added try/except for property/progress updates in getSources module
Fixed issue with source dicts being stringed during source select
Added onClick callback for source select

Changelog 1.0.20:
Fixed Source Select selecting wrong source
Fixed issue with Custom Providers refresh not honoring disabled status

Changelog 1.0.19:
Further adjustments of background overlay to better suit brighter fanart images

Changelog 1.0.18:
Added Overlay to custom windows
Added re-worked versions of artwork
Seren Fanart now applies to all items that are missing fanart

Changelog 1.0.17:
Adjust poster size in Source Select
Added setting “Auto try next link on resolve failure (Source Select)”

Changelog 1.0.16:
Cleaned up and re-worked provider database sync function
Fixed issue with providers not showing on initial install of providers

Changelog 1.0.15:
Local torrent database restructued to increase speeds and handling of entries
Increased visibility of selected item in source select view
Fixed hosters providers not scraping episodes
Hosters now display the release title of the source if available
Re-work of Seren artwork

Changelog 1.0.14:
Fixed Shuffle Play
Adjusted contrast levels for new windows

Changelog 1.0.13:
All custom windows have been migrated over to XML based windows
Tidied code within getSources endpoint
Failure to resolve an item with source select active now returns the user to the source select window
Improvements to trakt bookmarks occuring
Added notification at RD auth to check if users account is premium and advise accordingly
Adjusted Premiumize Automatic Cloud Removal to support new Fair Usage system
Premiumize percentage threshold is now maximum GBs of used storage
Fixed appending seasons to current playlist

Changelog 1.0.12:
Fixed issues with show year returning INT

Changelog 1.0.11:
Fixed removal of hidden items during sync

Changelog 1.0.10:
Fixed Hiding show from episode items

Changelog 1.0.9:
Fixed Date Display issue with Up Next notification
Menu caching is now optional within Seren settings, defaulted to On
Show year meta information now gathered from Trakt instead of TVDB (meta missing on some titles)
Changes to search menu to provide better usability
Increasesd title identification

Changelog 1.0.8:
Improvements to title identification
Improvements to window handling on playback failure/cancellation
Disabled Kodi menu caching for all directories
Moved playback resume execution closer to start of playback
Fixed IMDB meta confirmation for movies

Changelog 1.0.7:
Adjusted Trakt Manager method to better suit new URLS
Fixed Smartplay playlist builder not honoring hide un-aired setting
Further improvements to show pack filter

Changelog 1.0.6:
Change movie items action to the correct action
Changing trakt account now raises an initial sync process.
Removing trakt account removes all watched status and collected status from local database
Authorising trakt for the first time raises an initial sync process to occur
Added trakt_username column to the Trakt Sync activities database
Added migration for existing trakt users
Unsuccesful attempts to mark/unmark watched status on items is now notified and logged
Fixed issue with pre-emptive scraping failing when set to background task style scraping
TV module functions now use a shared instance of the Trakt Sync database class
Movie modules functions now use a shared instance of the Trakt Sync database class

Changelog 1.0.5:
Rollback changes to initial playlist creation due to issues with skin widgets

Changelog 1.0.4:
Added workaround for getSources api call
Fixed more URL issues in breaking play style

Changelog 1.0.3:
Fixed issue cloud scraping for movie items caused by URL changes
Fixed Source Select List (Movies) issues due to URL changes
Fixed issues caused in player module from URL change
Fixed issues caused in smartPlay from URL change

Changelog 1.0.2:
Fixed issue with Trakt Sync Database repeatedly downgrading/upgrading

Changelog 1.0.1:
Fix slow trakt sync speeds caused by maximum SQL statements variable not resetting
Fix issues with list style source select and URL changes
Fixed date display in list style source select window

Changelog 1.0.0:
Removed Building Playlist process, seren now moves straight to scraping and fills in the playlist in the background
Re-worked smartplay module
Moving forward, Seren’s versioning should now match semantic versioning
Complete restructure of actionArgs for Seren API endpoints
Fixed issues with trakt manager when in a mixed episode list
Fixed Trakt Sync failing with exceptionally large libraries

Changelog 0.2.38:
Fixed issue with marking items as watched locally

Changelog 0.2.37:
Fixed Episode File Size setting visibility
Fixed getSources module displaying checking local database when setting is disabled
Removed logging of some superficial errors in Trakt Sync and Next Up menu
Reduced minimum of percentage watched before marked as watched locally
Fixed issue where seasons would not display for shows with odd season number conventions

Changelog 0.2.36:
Fixed visibility of Premiumize Account Settings
Provider update check timeout increased to hourly
Addon update checks timeout increased to daily
Drastic increases to trakt sync speeds
Added fallbacks for possible network failures in trakt syncing process
Fixed default tuple length in getSources
Fixed Real-Debrid Cloud Sources breaking due to missing size key
Disabled cache assist when cloud files are present during scrape process
Adjusted scrobble check for player module to occur only when successfully scrobbled to trakt
Added fallback for trakt scrobbling to playbackended player callback
Removed duplicate trakt prompt on auth failure
Un-cached Sources in manual cache assist are now sorted by seeds descending
Added Browse Season option to episode context menu
Added ability to shuffle play show from an episode item
Fixed setting retrieval for Apple devices
Movies and episodes now have seperate file size limits
Source select view now defaults to list
Fixed delayed playback failed dialog from Kodi
Fixed issue with appending next season to active playlist
Escaped ampersand characters in settings file
Fixed issue where item meta information would not update unless a Trakt account was authorised
Disabled caching of results if no sources are found
Fixed missing settings check for Local Torrent Cache inspection.
Fixed CM options not showing if context menu addon not installed

Changelog 0.2.35:
Seren now utilizes Kodi Repository dateutil package

Changelog 0.2.34:
Cleaned up logging

Changelog 0.2.33:
Premiumize Cloud Inspection now includes size for identified items
Cloud Inspection threads now gracefully exit if pre-emptive termination limit is reached
Increased file identification
Fixed delay with getsources window showing

Changelog 0.2.32:
Fixed is_aired format error
Fixed issue with hide SD removing cloud files

Changelog 0.2.31:
Fixed issue with un-aired episodes being added to playlist after smartplay speedup
Seren now confirms TMDB year information with IMDB prior to scraping
Fixed issues with Seren identifying sources from the users premiumize cloud

Changelog 0.2.30:
Fixed dictionary key issue for show items in smartPlay modules created with new workaround

Changelog 0.2.29:
Added removal of duplicate space characters to clean title function
Added support for single episode folders to Premiumize cloud inspection

Changelog 0.2.28:
Fixed issue with ADDON_NAME variable change

Changelog 0.2.27:
Adjusted RD cache inspection to allow multiple video files within a single movie item
Adjust RD movie resolving to pull largest file out of torrent item
Seren now polls Kodi for supported video containers instead of hardcoding
Fixed key error when marking episode as watched in local database
Added settings cache dictionary to reduce Kodi’s logging of “trying to load setting definitions from old format…”
Cleaned up addon logging

Changelog 0.2.26:
Fix Auto Episode Resume

Changelog 0.2.25:
Movie years now uses the popular API endpoint
Added option to enable Debrid Cloud inspection during scrape
Added Upcoming Episodes to My Shows menu
Added By Actor search to Discover Show/Movie menus
“Hide Un-Aired Episodes” renamed to “Hide Un-Aired Items”
“Hide Un-Aired Items” setting now applies to movie/show/season menus as well
Marking show/season item as watched/collected now triggers a background re-sync of relevant items
Increased resolving restrictions
Playstyle for Episodes and Movies are now seperate
Fixed issue with Premiumize Torrent File Picker
Speed Increase for playlist building

Changelog 0.2.24:
Fixed issue with None value for seren_version entry of trakt database

Changelog 0.2.23:
Added workaround to combat file extraction error while obtaining GMT timezone information
Fixed issue with activities failing due to no progress dialog raised
Re-added extended information argument to the list items call to fix issue with first

Changelog 0.2.22:
Re-added ability for next-up to be sorted by Recently Played
Added error message when attempting to play an item with no debrid accounts setup
Added clearart/clearlogo to upnext meta data
Fixed issue with menu “Unfinished Show In Collection” showing finished shows
Removed requests for extended info for tvshowMenus trakt requests
Further removal of un-aired items from SmartPlay Lists
Added argument “ignore_collected” to recommended shows
Added argument “ignore_collected” to recommended movies
Removed remaining requests for extended info for movie menus
Cleaned up logging

Changelog 0.2.21:
Fixed datetime error on playlist building

Changelog 0.2.20:
Date delay setting now set to false by default
Fixed datetime format for mixed episode lists
Fixed general.textColor not applying if no value has been set

Changelog 0.2.19:
Release times are now measured to exact date/time provided from trakt
Added fallback to Trakt title if TVDB does not supply title
Trakt Databases upgraded to version 0.2.19
Duplicate search queries now removed from search history
Search queries are now URL quoted
Clear Search history added to tools menu
Language strings added for New show/movie search, clear search history
Added option to add item to user’s cloud on successful resolving of link for premiumize users
Fixed type in drop table requests for trakt sync database
Re-added release filter for playlist builder
Added ability to set addon menu view types
Fixed aliases info key not being cleaned up
Added general.textColor back to settings to avoid
Added ability to resolve files containing conjoined episodes eg: ‘s04e01e02’ identifier
Tightended up resolving on some items being triggered by 1080p label
Added progress dialog for the rare case that show/movie meta is updated on initial sync

Changelog 0.2.18:
Fixed season premiers not showing if the previous season was not finished

Changelog 0.2.17:
Fixed variable issue in Next Up call

Changelog 0.2.16:
Fixed language filter for New Shows menu
Networks now utilise the Trakt shows/Popular API endpoint
Reduced meta refresh check timeout to 2 hours
Next Up now utilises the trakt sync database to identify the next episode to watch
Added database versioning, database can now be flushed and upgraded/downgraded as required by Seren

Changelog 0.2.15:
Fixed genre capitalization
Fixed clear meta dialog text

Changelog 0.2.14:
Added ability to clear metadata for individual items using Trakt Manager

Changelog 0.2.13:
Fixed Movies being marked as un-aired
Fixed Movie Release Date Meta Information
Fixed Unaired episodes showing as aired

Changelog 0.2.12:
Fixed Next menu item for show Years
Re-added ability for Seren to display un-aired episodes if Hide Unaired is unchecked
Added automatic checks and prompt for Seren updates
Force check for episodes in season episode menus if hide unaired is disabled
Stopped trakt sync from attempting to update user information if user is not authorised with trakt

Changelog 0.2.11:
Fixed Playable flag for mixedEpisodeList
Fixed Context menu not showing on mixed episode lists

Changelog 0.2.10:
Fixed issue with incorrect episode playing.

Changelog 0.2.9:
Added try except for AttributeError on getTorrents/getHoster functions to account for change of variable type
Fixed Attribute Issue causing cache assist to fail
Re-added smartplay workaround (fixes playback failed message even when playback was successful)

Changelog 0.2.8:
Fixed issue with getDebridDuplicates sources crashing getSources Module
Fixed Pre-emptive termination
Fixed extra information crashing trakt sync
Reduced number of threads for initial sync to lessen imapct on device

Changelog 0.2.7:
Fixed filter function naming

Changelog 0.2.6:
Fixed Trakt Sync prompting if trakt not authorised

Changelog 0.2.5:
Fixed issue with clean_title not applying to old version of function

Changelog 0.2.4:
Added ability to delay Trakt Sync
Added notice for Initial Trakt Sync with warning about delaying
Added further information to the Trakt Sync background progress dialog
Increased item filtering accuracy
Improvements to Premiumize torrent link identification

Changelog 0.2.3:
Removed unused show thread for TVDB modoule episodeIDToListItem
Rework of 24 hour release delay setting
Fixed issue with some seasons not showing episodes
Hoster scrape threads exit more gracefully now

Changelog 0.2.2:
Maintenance cycle timeout reduced to 15 minutes
Reduced concurrent tasks for background trakt syncs
Added more fallbacks for menus with items that can’t be built

Changelog 0.2.1:
Fixed issue if Kodi meta was unable to be filled for mixed episode list record

Changelog 0.2.0:
Added removal of None items for next up list.

Changelog 0.1.50:
Fixed UnWatchedEpisodes list item property for seasons

Changelog 0.1.49:
Fixed Movie Collection Sorting
Fixed shows get_season_episodes falling back to episode update

Changelog 0.1.48:
Fixed Marking As Watched not updating local trakt records
Meta requests now run in a queue to throttle thread creation
Fixed season_count not being checked in local trakt database
Added more info label cleanups
Added TotalSeasons to item properties
Fixed spelling of UnWatchedEpisodes item property

Changelog 0.1.47:
Removed thread stack size changes (possibly causing Kodi crashes)

Changelog 0.1.46:
Fixed Movies not correctly marked as watched
Movies Collection now pulled from local database instead of Trakt call

Changelog 0.1.45:
Added Years menu item to shows
Added Background Task Style scrape display option
Fixed source utils deaccent function
Added Re-Build Trakt Datbase menu item

Changelog 0.1.44:
Trakt Sync Database now integrated
Duplicate source removal now performed using dictionary of hashes and urls
Real Debrid cache checks are now threaded to increase cache check speeds
Fixed Hide SD causing only SD to show
Torrents from local database now show original provider name
Fixed temporary provider files not being cleaned up on zip install
Added new My Files menu, allows browsing and playback of cloud stored files
Fixed Trakt Bookmarks

Changelog 0.1.43:
Fixed trakt scrobbling on item start
Slowest 5 providers now show their names on scraping screen
Missing season posters now fall back to show poster

Changelog 0.1.42
Fixed issue with movies creating transfer requests for premiumize users
Fixed lists throwing error when no liked lists were found
Fixed watched episodes showing in Next Up
Fixed issue with trakt scrobbling on item finish

Changelog 0.1.41
Fixed Fanart pulling items with wrong language
Fixed Scrobbling (again)

Changelog 0.1.40:
Fixed My Movies List Menu Item
Fixed display of individual providers in dialog
Increased Premiumize movie detection
Fixed Trakt Scrobbling
Fixed issue error caused on player skip
Fixed Search History not showing from main menu search
Fixed Search History sorting
Fixed error on torrent sizes if size is 0
Fixed spelling issue on Movies Years Menu

Changelog 0.1.39:
Removed duplicate semaphore acquisition which caused large show menus to stall forever

Changelog 0.1.38:
Provider versions are now shown in the disable/enable windows

Changelog 0.1.37:
Fixed issue with scraping caused by absolute numbering

Changelog 0.1.36
Torrent Sources now receive two new keys in the simpleInfo dictionary “isanime, absolute_number”
absolute_number is the relevant episode number in the series
Adjust custom providers so installs can be requested from external addons (with user approval)
Added Hide SD quality option to settings
TVDB images now filter by language code (statically set to english for the interim)
Multiple Language String Fixes
Added fix for Seren scrobbling items twice
Added ability for providers to override provider display names
Next Up now filters items if they are the first episode in the series and have previously been completed
Added Show Networks to Discover TV Shows
Added Hide Un-Aired Episodes to Settings options
Added Movie Years to Menu
Added Networks to TV Shows Menu
Fixed Real Debrid Cache Assist
Real Debrid Cache Assist should now properly cache entire season packs
Fixed issue where providers/ could be overwritten with malformed provider package

Changelog 0.1.35
Fixed scrape error caused by missing artwork
Sources that are not compatible are now hidden from users
Fixed landscape image issue for episode items

Changelog 0.1.34
Fanart now also supplies landscape images
Workaround put in place for issue where trakt would supply multiples of a show season
Fixed issue where episodes would show as None if not released
Fixed Most Collected sorting by title

Changelog 0.1.33
Fixed RD resolving errors module now only applies clear art and clear logo to movies and
Fixed Source Select not selecting files

Changelog 0.1.32
Decreased TVDB semaphore limit
Fixed Trakt list sorting with titles that start with the word ‘The’
Added support for RealDebrid API changes
Began work on console mode
Added multiple meta labels for movie items
Added possible workaround for UTC to local timezone conversion
Movie filter now supports years surrounded in []
Added Fanart Support
Fixed Search history order
Limited Next Up show amount to 200 most recently watched titles
Fixed error caused from Auto Episode Resume and Kodi 18 widget workaround
Added better resolve support for movies in premiumize module
Added workaround for long cache check urls with Real Debrid
Fixed issue were items were incorrectly marked as watched with Trakt
Re-designed Source Select window
Added support for package developers to use github archives to push updates
Added IMDB variable to torernt provider modules (Package devs please update to include this new variable, as support for modules without it will be dropped in the near future)
Added Ratings for movie items

Changelog 0.1.31
Added Sort and Filter for low quality items
Re-order Settings Menu

Changelog 0.1.30
Fixed Finish Watching sort order
Increased Hoster Support
Added Search History option
Premiumize module now uses direct download to resolve torrent files

Changelog 0.1.29
Reverted changes to mixed episode lists
Added option to disable title overwrites for episode lists

Changelog 0.1.28
Added try except in zfile module to handle if file is already in byte form

Changelog 0.1.27
Added delay to setViewType call
Added setting to disable setting viewTypes with Seren
Removed idle, closeAllDialogs, added closeOkDialog, added closeBusyDialog
Removed busy dialog stalling after failure to find sources

Changelog 0.1.26
Increased keep-alive ticks to prevent pre-scrape occuring to early
Reduced busy dialog occurance on failure to scrape
Fixed provider install issue with zipfiles

Changelog 0.1.25
Fixed setSetting argument naming (Fixes pre-emptive scraping)
Trakt lists sorting now ignores ‘The ‘
Removed title appends to follow more closely to Kodi standards, another method of showing play percentage must be met
Fixed Trakt dates for episode items
Added Studio to metadata
Seren now appends next season to current playlist during playback instead of after
Removed references to now defunct OMNIConnect Addon
Added Re-scrape cm item to episode items
Fixed and optimised list pagination
Trakt Lists now use user slugs to support users with periods in their username
Added ability to direct search through plugin url
Confirmed Trakt list sorting for all types except excluded (popularity, percentage, my rating)
Added support to fail resolve if file ends with .rar
Release titles are now deaccented and encoded with utf-8 to prevent unicode errors
Fixed Ghost providers occuring if a provider was no longer available in a updated version of a provider package.
Fixed TVDB module creating an artwork URL if no artwork is available
Added token refresh lock to the TVDB module to stop instances of the class spawning mass refresh requests
Massively reduced chance Kodi will drop Seren’s settings
Fixed Real Debrid post request making a get request after token refresh
Custom Provider module now uses Zfile module to accomodate zipfile module bug on Android devices

Version 0.1.24 Changelog:
Fixed Movie Watchlist Sort to content type “Show”

Version 0.1.23 Changelog:
Added Watchlist sorting
Added extra fallbacks for trakt outages
Changed tools setSetting to a function so Kodi modules are not initialised if there is an exception

Version 0.1.22 Changelog:
Re-installation and updating of provider packages now honors previous settings
Fixed Hidden items error if no connection to Trakt could be made.

Version 0.1.21 Changelog:
Added onAVStarted for Kodi 18+ due to issues with offset
Re-factored code and cleaned up imports

Version 0.1.20 Changelog:
Provider installer re-write
Provider packages can now update automatically or manually
Fixed Trakt Movie Scrobbling
Fixed Finish Watching Movies
Added Remove (movie/episode) Progress to Trakt Manager

Version 0.1.19 Changelog:
Fixed Hidden Items (Possibly – please check)
Trakt Lists now paginated and sorted
Silent Scraper setting now reset on startup incase of Kodi crash
New Shows and recently updated shows now filtered by Kodi Languge
Corrected some typos
Extended relevant show pack identification
Un-aired episodes now removed from automatic playlist generator
Premiumize autocache now runs premiumize cleanup instead of deleting transfer
Added option to allow premiumize users to utilize transcoded files
Added Banner image to episode objects
Seasons now sorted by season number and not title
Added basic duplicate provider filtering (provider name only)
Show premiered dates now retrieved from Trakt and not TVDB

Version 0.1.18 Changelog:
Added fallback from TMDB SSL certificate issues

Version 0.1.17 Changelog:
Removed Trakt Lists pagination (Fixed List Sorting)
Complete work over of TV show continue watching display
Added Sort Options for Next Up
Renamed and moved Continue Watching Menu items to “Finish Watching” and added to their respective folders

Version 0.1.16 Changelog:
Fixed season items not being marked as watched
Added try/except clauses to catch errors with get_hidden_items
Adjust Info detection to better detect source information
Added fallback if info list was empty for Source Select
Added ability to show sources in source select as a single line in case of skins that do not support the multiline view
Simplified provider failure output
Added removal of unknown video keys for Kodi 18
Removed trakt list lengths
Premiumize module now removes items from account if it failed to resolve a link
Premiumize cleanup now occurs at end of resolving
Threads no longer marked as daemon as it doesn’t work within Kodi
Forced provider threads to return if getSources canceled
Added fallback for gathering of hoster domains

Version 0.1.15 Changelog:
Fallback for DateTime ValueError
Changed process of list generating so window shouldn’t contain random number of items

Version 0.1.14 Changelog:
Increased Trakt Caching

Version 0.1.13 Changelog:
Source Select items now clickable
Esc Key now closes Source Select dialog

Version 0.1.12 Changelog:
Added premiumize transfer database cleanup to maintenance script
Changed scrobble ID back to Trakt as IMDB ID was unreliable causing trakt progress for some random show called pride
if the IMDB ID wasn’t available for an episode (sorry for my testers watching origin)
Fixed issue with keepalive not dying causing scrobble issues and issues with Upnext
Added 265 priority sort
Some spelling mistakes
Changed Upnext episode IDs to Trakt ID
Added setUniqueIDs to tools.addDirectoryItem function
Hide Item in trakt manager now actually sends the trakt request (Bad nix)

Version 0.1.11 Changelog:
Added workaround for Kodi 18 Widgets
Increased support for Kodi 18 player
Fixed issue with Kodi 18 where pre-emptive scraping wouldn’t occur
Adjusted menu content types so they now respect their content correctly

Version 0.1.10 Changelog:
Adjusted Migration Script so it no longer broke Super Faviorates
Adjusted TMDB movie artwork to fix issue where it would display the wrong media (removed thumbnail)

Version 0.1.09 Changelog:
Increased torrent file identification
Extended timeout for failed cache assit attempts to 3 hours
Changed Trkat Scrobble Object to current playing item IMDB Number
Fixed Trakt Scrobbling with Up Next Addon Intergration
Fixed Trakt Scrobbling when seeking
Added increased fallbacks for TV show metadata

Version 0.1.08 Changelog:
Restructed Settings page to use subsetting attribute
Added Support for Context Menu Addon

Version 0.1.07 Changelog:
Added automatic migration from incorrect addon ID release
Added Notification if no sources are found during pre-scrape
Removed manual cache dialog prompt during pre-emptive scraping
Cache inserts now threaded
Added Semaphore to relieve thread pressure on database
Fixed KeyError exception in TVDB episode function
Custom Windows are now removed from scope with del
Removed Please Check Internet Connection Dialog
Added Logging for RD refresh Errors

Version 0.1.06 Changelog:
Added 3D filter Setting
Added File Size Limit
Added View types for Seasons, Episodes and Default for Menus
Added Debrid Priorities
Added Install UpNext Addon Setting
Fixed capitalised Addon ID
Fixed issue where TVDB token was not initially created
Added ability to hide items from trakt manager
Adjusted Source Select to multiline string
Increased listitem size in custom source select window

Version 0.1.05 Changelog:
Added better Hoster support
Changed hoster domains to (domain, name) tuple
Fixed issue where color change would set color even if cancelled
Cleaned up logging
Fixed Manual Caching
Adjusted Manual Caching display string
Fixed View Types not being set

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