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Wako for Kodi – Watch any movie or TV Series for less than 3$ monthly

The major platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Hulu, Paramount Plus, Peacock or Apple TV Plus have recently increased their monthly subscription price. If you subscribe to at least 3 of them, you will pay more than 50$/month.

But what If we told you that there’s an alternative to watch any movie, TV Show or documentary in the world for less than 3$?

The answer is called Wako and it’s the portal to unlock all the content in the world!

Wako is a mobile app running on iPhones or Android Phones for viewing Movies / TV Shows, selecting Show > Episode / Movie, or Movie that you want to view. You can then transfer the information to your Kodi player (running on your TV or on a Kodi Box, which you will use straight to play.

Wako is powered by and syncs with Trakt, which provides the Movie and TV Show information throughout the app.

Wako app features:

  • Explore Popular Films and TV Show lists.
  • Films and TV shows searching.
  • Information about access to movies and TV shows.
  • Keep your viewing list of movies and TV displays.
  • As seen, Mark Films and TV Shows.
  • Follow which episodes to follow.
  • Get informed of the next episodes.
  • View the list watched by your movie.
  • Watch trailer Addons support (built-in now but it’s going to alter):
    • Use the built-in remote control to control your favourite media player.
    • Connect to your Real Debrid or Premiumize account

1. Configure Kodi to be recognized by Wako

Open KODI, go to Settings, then Services, then Control (make sure you activated the Expert settings from the bottom left cog wheel)

Activate the options as below. You can set the port you want instead of 8080. Please note that you should complete a Password. In the image below, the password is kodi.

by default 58

2. Connect Wako to Kodi

2.1 Automatic configuration

Start Kodi, open Wako, go to Settings > Kodi > Configure Hosts. Click on the Add button. Wako will detect all Kodi hosts connected to the same network (don’t forget to start Kodi first and to turn the WiFi on). Click on the desired detected host and that’s it. You can now control Kodi thanks to the built-in remote control

2.2 Manual configuration

If for any reasons you have to configure a host manually, repeat the step above and click on the SKIP button. Then fill the form.

To find the host IP address, in Kodi go back to settings then go to System Information. Here on the summary part, you’ll see on the right pane your IP address.

If the connection status says OK means wako has managed to connect.

IMG 4100A02CCB2A 1 IMG FB61278EC80A 1 Configure Wako to connect to Kodi

  • Connect to your Trakt account

Watch any content for free with Wako, Helios and (Real Debrid or Premiumize cheap subscriptions)

  • Add HELIOS Plugin in Settings > Add-ons > Configure / Install Add-ons > Enable Unknown Sources slider > Press OK to Agree > Add a third-party add-on

  • Enter this URL: and press OK

  • Select the new installed Helios in the Installed Add-ons area where you were earlyer

  • Go to Add-on Settings > Configure Providers
  • Press Add Providers button
  • Enter this URL:
  • Enter your Real Debrid or Premiumize subscription or create a new account:
  • Settings > Add-ons > Configure / Install Add-ons > Helios > Add-on Settings > Configure debrid accounts

You’re ready to go 🙂

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