Seren Kodi Addon

What is Seren kodi?

Seren is a new Kodi addon launched in November 2018. It is developed by the same author of the world’s famous Incursion Kodi Addons. It works with Premiumize and Real- Debrid to stream torrents instantly with the relevant provider package and works just likeNetflix, having Autoplay and Up Next integration out of the box.


This add-on DOES NOT work without having a debrid account either on Premiumize or Real Debrid. The "Smart Play Settings" (Up Next, Auto Playlist Creation, Auto Episode Resume, and Pre-emptive Scraping) DO NOT work without an authorized TRAKT account.

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Seren Kodi Add-on Review

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Seren Kodi


  • The best clone (fork) of Incursion
  • Continuously updated and developed


  • It works only with a Trakt account and a Debrid service
  • Still having some bugs and errors

PRE-REQUISITIES (Only if you have Gaia Kodi Addon installed)

  1. Make sure you have the LATEST Gaia repo, check sticky from, should be Gaia Repo 3.2.0

  2. If you have Gaia repo 1, 2, & 3, After updating the Gaia Repo to 3.2.0, Uninstall Gaia Repo’s 2 & 3

  3. Continue to below section

How to download and install Seren Kodi Addon on your Kodi Krypton 17 or Kodi Leia 18?

How to Install Seren Kodi Addon

1. After opening Kodi, you will be presented with the main interface of the player. Simply click on the SETTINGS button on the window (the cog wheel).
2. Select the bottom submenu called Files manager.
3. Click on Add source and it will open the window where you wil input the Seren Kodi Addon Repository files URL address.
4. Simply click on None and then OK.
5. A new window will appear and you will need to type the Seren Kodi Add-on repo URL “ ” with no mistakes. Remember if you make any mistakes that the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction.
6. Now pick a desired name for the document. You can name it ‘seren‘. Then press ok. That name shouldn’t have been used before.
7. Next return to the Kodi main menu by pressing BACK key multiple times. Now click on Add-ons section on the left main menu.
8. Now the top left corner, you’ll notice an icon like an Open Box or unzipper, just click on it.
9. On the next screen scroll down to the install from zip sub-menu and click on it
10. Locate the source you added a few moments ago – probably called seren (or whatever name you store the repository file, as shown in step 6).
11.  Now click on
12. Just click on it and press INSTALL and WAIT for the top right notification saying Seren NixGates Repo Installed.
13. Now scroll to the other section called  Install from Repository and click on it
14Select “Nixgates Repo
15. Then navigate to Video Add-ons and scroll down untill you see Seren
16. Press INSTALL
17. Open Seren, go to tools, Open Settings Menu
18. Go to Accounts and authenticate Trakt and your debrid service (either Premiumize or Real-Debrid)
19. Go to Providers, Install From Web URL.
20. Type in
21. A prompt will come up asking if you’d like to install the scrapers, Press “Install”, then Press Okay after successful install
22. Go again to Providers, Install From Web URL
23. Type in
24. You will be asked again if you want to install the scrapers. Simply click on INSTALL and OK buttons.
25. Go and look in the Seren Add-on settings to check if everything is ok.


1. To get the sources listed, instead of auto-playing a movie or TV Show, you MUST USE the context menu (long press on your remote). You will get the best options like “Source Select” or “Play from here” directly from Seren.

2. In NixGate’s repo you just installed at step 14, you can install Up Next Service to make Seren work just like Netfli’s Up next notification. Click to Install from repository ->Nixgates Repo ->Services>and install Up Next
After install on the same screen, go to configure
Change “Default action when nothing selected” to Don’t play
Enable “Enable on playlist”
Press okay to save settings
CREDITS: nixgates and reddit_reaper

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Seren kodi Addon Features

  • Future proof. Seren has been tested against Krypton, Leia nad both work well.

  • Speed. Seren is fast not only with its menus but scraping as well, with its caching of scraped information. Almost every line of code has been written from scratch and it is heavily optimized which hopefully makes Seren among the fastest of the fast.

  • While PY3 tests have been done, the addon still has minor issues that need re-working to future proof it.

  • Netflix-like behavior. Seren automatically creates playlists of shows that you select by default. It even has the ability to automatically resume from where you left off from a single click on a show

  • Up Next addon integration which provides a Netflix-style prompt asking if you would like to continue to the next episode. (Please note, up next must be set to “Do Nothing” if not clicked as Seren handles this internally)

  • Pre-emptive scraping and auto play by default. Seren is meant to be as close to a click and play experience and as such, the default behavior is to scrape and find the best source and play it. Pre-emptive scraping means in most circumstances you will only ever see the scraping windows on the first episode of a TV Show.

  • Custom provider module installer. Seren is built to accept the installation of complete provider packages. These can be installed and maintained on an individual basis – provider packs automatically get added to Seren’s master scraper list and individual providers in the package can be enabled and disabled at will by the end user.

  • Automatic caching. Seren will automatically attempt to cache content to your debrid providers when no cached sources are found. Real-Debrid support is limited to single episode caching while Premiumize has full-featured pack (season or entire series) support. This is unfortunately an API limitation of Real-Debrid.

  • Automatic Premiumize cloud management. By default, Seren will keep anything it downloads in your Premiumize cloud until 50% of your fair use percentage is consumed. This is to boost the cache retention time for everyone and help boost the communities seamless experience. Seren will automatically remove anything it has cached while leaving content you have submitted manually alone once the threshold limit has been met. Don’t worry, Premiumize returns all storage to your fair use when it is deleted, this feature just ensures that the cache is bigger for everyone!

  • Shuffle play. A much loved feature by parents who want to put a show on for the kids and for those of us who like TV for background noise, Shuffle Play has made a triumphant return. By opening the context menu on a show you want to play and hit shuffle play and Seren takes care of the rest.

  • Premium subscription notifications. Never have to worry about your Real-Debrid or Premiumize subscriptions running out again – Seren will notify you if your subs are in need of renewal. No more embarrassing “why isn’t this working?” posts needed!

  • Next Up. It’s like the Progress you’re used to in other addons but displayed in a new streamline format.Next Up is designed to take you right back to where you left off in your binge watching. Just click a show and Seren will build a list for you and start playing!

  • Local torrent cache. Seren has the ability to automatically store the torrent info locally so that even if the site scrape fails, you can still watch the next episode of that show you’re binging. With Pre-emptive termination, Local torrent cache also allows Seren to completely skip any provider scraping if it’s needs are met.

Seren also carries through some of the features we all know and love including:

  • Pre-emptive Termination, (Seperate Resolutions for Movie and TV Shows)

  • Trakt Bookmarks

  • Full Trakt Integration

  • Hide x265 files.

Now of course all of this automation sounds great and all but those of us who prefer a little more hands on control haven’t been forgotten.

Here are a few highlights of Seren’s options for power users.

  • Manual caching of content if no content has been found in the cache.

  • Source select.

  • Extended Account control.

  • API keys. Have your own TMDB and TVDB API keys? Just fill them on in and they will be used in place of Serens default ones.

  • Provider control. Install scraper packs, uninstall scraper packs, enable or disable providers from those packs. Seren makes it easy to manage your providers without having to dig through a bunch of menus.

Seren is a DEBRID ONLY addon for now, but as the addon continues to grow I do intend for it to encompass directly playable sources and premium services such as Netflix and Amazon.

There’s still more to come though, here are a few things on the more immediate future To Do list:

  • Addon Artwork. Seren development has been primarily focused on getting in the features users need and getting it stable. This means there is currently no artwork in the addon for menu items. If you would like to put your hand up to help with this I would love to see some work!

  • Full debrid cloud support. As of right now, Seren just has basic capabilities to see the progress of downloads in the Premiumize and Real-Debrid clouds. You can’t play from the cloud right now or manage the files on your cloud, this is coming.

  • Premiumize hoster cache. Premiumize has support for cached hosters at the same cost as torrents now. Support will be added in a future update and they will be flagged and a sort method for cached hoster files will be created.

  • support

  • Open subtitles hook

  • File Size limits

Seren Kodi Changelog

Version 0.1.24 Changelog:

  • Fixed Movie Watchlist Sort to content type “Show”

Version 0.1.23 Changelog:

  • Added Watchlist sorting
  • Added extra fallbacks for trakt outages
  • Changed tools setSetting to a function so Kodi modules are not initialised if there is an exception

Version 0.1.22 Changelog:

  • Re-installation and updating of provider packages now honors previous settings
  • Fixed Hidden items error if no connection to Trakt could be made.

Version 0.1.21 Changelog:

  • Added onAVStarted for Kodi 18+ due to issues with offset
  • Re-factored code and cleaned up imports

Version 0.1.20 Changelog:

  • Provider installer re-write
  • Provider packages can now update automatically or manually
  • Fixed Trakt Movie Scrobbling
  • Fixed Finish Watching Movies
  • Added Remove (movie/episode) Progress to Trakt Manager

Version 0.1.19 Changelog:

  • Fixed Hidden Items (Possibly – please check)
  • Trakt Lists now paginated and sorted
  • Silent Scraper setting now reset on startup incase of Kodi crash
  • New Shows and recently updated shows now filtered by Kodi Languge
  • Corrected some typos
  • Extended relevant show pack identification
  • Un-aired episodes now removed from automatic playlist generator
  • Premiumize autocache now runs premiumize cleanup instead of deleting transfer
  • Added option to allow premiumize users to utilize transcoded files
  • Added Banner image to episode objects
  • Seasons now sorted by season number and not title
  • Added basic duplicate provider filtering (provider name only)
  • Show premiered dates now retrieved from Trakt and not TVDB

Version 0.1.18 Changelog:

  • Added fallback from TMDB SSL certificate issues

Version 0.1.17 Changelog:

  • Removed Trakt Lists pagination (Fixed List Sorting)
  • Complete work over of TV show continue watching display
  • Added Sort Options for Next Up
  • Renamed and moved Continue Watching Menu items to “Finish Watching” and added to their respective folders

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  1. Annoying bugs:
    1. Nothing is forking for Trakt TV listings. No TV collection, No TV playlisys work, TV search does not work
    2. My Trakt movie collection is in a random sort order, even thiough in Trakt my list is in alphabetical Title order.

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