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Bubbles Kodi Add-on

What is Bubbles Kodi Add-on?

Bubbles is a Kodi addon for streaming movies, shows, documentaries, and short films from torrents, usenet, file hosters, and streaming services. Bubbles is highly optimized for the debrid services Premiumize (full support) and RealDebrid (limited support) with many of the features, such as usenet streaming, debrid caching, and advanced stream searches only available through Premiumize. Bubbles also provides functionality for manual downloads, automatic local caching, speed tests, Lighpack control, provider and account verification.

ATTENTION! Bubbles got Renamed! The new version of Bubbles Kodi is called Gaia Kodi.

Bubbles Kodi Add-on Review

bubbles Kodi

There are lots of addons available on Kodi which will permit you to watch absolutely free movies and Tv shows. Bubbles Kodi addon also provides exactly the same.

But what’s the benefit of using Bubbles kodi addon?

How is it different from other addons? We’ll see here. Bubbles addons are more or less like other addons but it supplies seeds that give you more choices to flow. This provides you with plenty of additional supports from trakt, fan art and much more. Moreover, Bubbles kodi addon is optimized for Premiumize, RealDebrid, and EasyNews (usenet). We will see how to set up Bubbles kodi addon initially and then later we can talk about how to use it.

How to Install Bubbles Kodi Addon

1. Open the Kodi app. The moment you start the Kodi, you could see the main interface. Just click on the SETTINGS button on the window

Bubbles addon Kodi step 1
2. Open the Files manager:

Bubbles addon Kodi step 2
3. Tap on Add source to bring the necessary source file.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 3
4. Now the dialogue box will open up, just double click on None and press OK.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 4
5. Then a screen will appear, where you will need to input the Bubbles kodi repo URL with no mistakes. Remember if you make any mistakes that the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 5

6. Now pick a desired name for the document. You can name it ‘Bubbles‘. Then press ok. That name shouldn’t have been used before:

Bubbles addon Kodi step 6
7. Next press OK and return to the main menu by pressing BACK key. Then go to Add-ons from the main menu:

Bubbles addon Kodi step 7
8. On the top left corner, you’ll get an icon such as a Open Box or unzipper, just click on it:

Bubbles addon Kodi step 8
9. Then on the next screen press install from zip file to include the source file:

Bubbles addon Kodi step 9
10. Below the zip from file box it is possible to discover different files, simply hang on to ‘Bubbles‘ (whatever name you store the repository file, as shown the previous steps):

Bubbles addon Kodi step 10
11. Now click on repository.bubbles.1-2.0.0. zip (or what filename is there with Gaia in name) :

Bubbles addon Kodi step 11
12. Now a pop-up will appear in the top right corner with Bubbles Repository 1, Bubbles Repository 2, Bubbles Repository 3 when the zip file is set up.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 12

That is about the setup of Bubbles kodi repository. Let us now explore some of the cool features of this awesome Bubble kodi repository.
13. Return to step 8
14. Choose Bubbles repo by clicking on install from repository.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 13
15.  Here you can see the list of available repositories in your system. You have to select  Bubbles Repository 1.
16. You can find four options like Add-on repository, Look and feel, program add-ons and Video add-ons on the next screen. Double click on video add-ons: 

Bubbles addon Kodi step 14
17. Here you can find the Bubbles addon. Just click on it and press INSTALL.

Bubbles addon Kodi step 15

Bubbles addon Kodi step 16

Bubbles addon Kodi step 17

Bubbles addon Kodi step 18

Bubbles addon Kodi step 19

Bubbles addon Kodi step 20

Next step: Configure Bubbles like a PRO and unleash the true hidden power of this addon!

Click here to read the complete guide to configure Bubbles Kodi Add-on

Bubbles Kodi addon is working only in the newer Android version boxes. We have an article that tests and reviews the best kodi boxes. Make sure you have a good kodi box before complaining for low speed in Kodi add-ons.

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