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Ultimate Whitecream Kodi Add-on


Adult content & Webcams Free streaming

Ultimate Whitecream Kodi Add-on Review

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Add-on status: Functional but not updated anymore
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Whitecream, holisticdioxide

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What is Ultimate WhiteCream?

Ultimate Whitecream is an adult addon for Kodi. It gives you access to the content of various free adult sites directly from Kodi. The Ultimate WhiteCream addon includes a wide range of adult content, such as movies, hentai, tubes, webcams, among others. Kodi Expert recommends installing this add-on. In terms of fast loading times is the perfect choice.

Unfortunately this add-on is not yet available for Kodi 19 ‘Matrix’, which includes all subsequent versions. If you haven’t heard: Matrix’ is incompatible with many add-ons and needs to be updated to support the latest version of Kodi.

In the meantime, you can use this add-on in Kodi 18.9 ‘Leia’ or earlier versions (without problems). If there is an update that changes the current situation, we will be sure to keep you informed.


Ultimate Whitecream Kodi Add-on contains adult content. You must be 18+ years old before reading the guide!

How to install Ultimate Whitecream Kodi Add-on

1. Open Kodi on your platform. After a few seconds waiting for completely loading Kodi, you will see the standard main interface (in the images we are using Kodi 17.6. The interface in Kodi 18 Leia is mainly similar so you should follow the same steps). Start by clicking on the SETTINGS button on the top left (it is that cog wheel under Kodi logo).

2. Position and Open the Files manager in the bottom right of Kodi -> Settings window.

3. You have 2 similar panels here. Tap on Add source on any of them to bring the next window where you will input the source path.

4. With the Add file source dialogue box open, position and click on  selection as in the image below.

5. A full screen will appear next, where you will need to input from the keyboard the Ultimate Whitecream Kodi repository path:  with no mistakes.  Remember to pay attention to input the correct path letter by letter. If you make any mistake, the path won’t be added and will lead to malfunction in the next steps.

6. In the “Enter a name for this media source” field pick any desired name for the source name. We recommend that you name it Ultimate Whitecream (for easy identification later). Then press ok. Be careful with the chosen name: that name shouldn’t have been used before.

7. Next return to the KODI Main Menu by pressing BACK key multiple times. Now go and click on Add-ons from the left main menu (the one with the open box).

8. On the top left corner, you’ll get 3 new icons. Go to the Open Box (or unzipper, the first icon on the top left screen) and just click on it.

9. Then on the next screen, you will see a list of multiple options. We need to go to the Install from zip file section in order to open the addon source.

10. A new window called Install from zip file opens. You will have a list of local and internet sources. Simply select and click on ‘Ultimate Whitecream‘ (or whatever name you saved in step 6).

11.  Now click on (if the file version is a little bit different you shouldn’t worry. Probably it has been recently updated).

12. Just click on it and press INSTALL and WAIT for the top right notification saying “Ultimate Whitecream Repository Repository Successfully Installed” message.

13. If the above step succeeded you will be returned to the previous menu (as in step 8) where you have the add-on browser interface.

14. This time click on the 3rd menu called Install from Repository – see the selection in the image below

15. Go down to “Ultimate Whitecream Repository Repository

16. Simply choose Video Add-ons

17. Now select Ultimate Whitecream and choose Install (the cloud icon in the bottom right)

18. To start enjoying your brand new installed Kodi addon go to Video add-on section and locate the Ultimate Whitecream icon.


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What to keep in mind

Before you start using Kodi adult addons, it would be best that you subscribe to a VPN service. This is to ensure that your viewership remains discreet. The use of VPN is recommended to ensure that you can, in no way, be linked to watching adult content that may come from a source where it is not allowed. Since the content is streamed via numerous sources, it is totally impossible for you to track the source. So, it would be best that you use VPN while streaming content via Kodi adult addons. Also, many of these add-ons tend to come and go; so it would be ideal that you have several add-one installed to ensure that you do not miss out on the fun.
Version 1.2.46
Chaturbate fixed
Myfreecams fixed
Desixnxx fixed

Version 1.2.45
Added keyword alphabetical sorting

Version 1.2.44
Fixed thumbnails for

Version 1.2.43
Removed Cumination dependency

Version 1.2.42
Welcome to Cumination!
Matrix and Leia compatible release
Backup favorites from UWC can be imported.

Happy New Year From Team Cumination!

Version 1.2.41
Updated: Beeg
Updated: StreamXXX

Version 1.2.40
Download ffmpeg issue resolved

Version 1.2.39
Fixed: Desixnxx
Added: Masalaseen
Changed: Favorites move to top

Version 1.2.38
Download issues resolved

Version 1.2.37
Added: PeekVids
Added: Hentaidude
Added: CartoonPornVideos
Updated: PornDoe
PornHD download fix
Cams streams download option added,
You need to d/l ffmpeg binary to use
this feature, and then go into settings
and adjust download path and path to
ffmpeg.If you set “Download stream” to
true, d/l will start automatically when
playing the stream, if set to false
download can be started from contextual
menu “Download video”.file name is the
name of the model+datetime, container
is mkv.

Version 1.2.36
PornTrex/JavBangers favorites fix
Beeg improvements
Fixed download PornHD
Fixed: ParadiseHill

Version 1.2.35
Added: NetFlixPorno
New option for Enable/Disable site/category.
Disable from contextual menu,
Reenable from Add-on settings

Version 1.2.34
Updated: redTube
Added: Pandamovies
Updated: JAVhoho

Version 1.2.33
Added PornHD
Updated: RedTube
Fixed: Eporner
Fixed: Naked

Version 1.2.32

Version 1.2.31
Improved: JAVhoho
Fixed: MangoPorn
Added: redTube
Added: RedTube Live
Added: desixnxx
Added: BitPorno
Removed: Eroticage

Version 1.2.30
Fixed: Camsoda
Fixed: JAVhoho
Improved: Beeg
Improved: Eporner
Improved: Justporn

Version 1.2.29
Fixed: Eporner
Fixed: IPornoVideos
Fixed: Spankbang

Version 1.2.28
Fixed: IPornoVideos

Version 1.2.27
Fixed: PornHub
Fixed: Hotpornfile
Fixed: IPornoVideos
Fixed: PornGo
Fixed: xHamster

Version 1.2.26
Fixed: Paradisehill
Fixed: JAVhoho
Fixed: VipPorns

Version 1.2.25
Fixed: TubePornClassic
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: JAVhoho
Fixed: MyFreeCams
Fixed: Reallifecam
Added: Txxx
Added: VoyeurHit

Version 1.2.24
Paradisehill play all parts fix
Fixed: xHamster

Version 1.2.23
Fixed: Porn00
Added: PornGo(YesPornPlease)

Version 1.2.22
Fixed ParadiseHill
Fixed: Beeg

Version 1.2.21
Fixed: FreeOMovie
Fixed: AnyBunny
Improved: HQPorner
Improved: Mangoporn
Improved: Animeid Hentai

Version 1.2.20
Changed: Vporn to PornOne

Version 1.2.19
Fixed: DaftSex
Fixed: HQPorner
Fixed: JAVhoho

Version 1.2.18
Fixed: animeidhentai
Added: javhoho

Version 1.2.17
daftsex,datoporn,freepornstreams,hotpornfile,justporn,mangoporn,perfectgirls,porndoe,sxyprn,Amateur Cool
cambro, ipornovideos, reallifecam,voyeurhouse,videomegaporn

Version 1.2.16
Fixed: Eporner
Improved:Amateur Cool
Fixed: Anybunny
Fixed: Porndig
Improved: Vporn

Version 1.2.15
Improved: xHamster
Fixed Categories: WatchXXXFree
Fixed: Porndoe
Fixed: Woxtube
Fixed: Eroticage
Fixed: MangoPorn
Fixed: SpeedPorn

Version 1.2.14
Fixed: PornHub
Fixed: HQPorner
Fixed: sxyprn(YourPorn)

Version 1.2.13
Fixed: Animeid Hentai
Fixed: Eporner
Fixed: HClips
Improved: xHamster

Version 1.2.12
Fixed: DatoPorn
Fixed: Eporner
Fixed: Xmoviesforyou
Fixed: Hotpornfile

Version 1.2.11
Fixed: Beeg
Changed: Myfreecams

Version 1.2.10
Fixed: Spankbang
Fixed: Cam4
Fixed: FreeOMovie
Fixed: Woxtube

Version 1.2.9
New options in settings:
sort search keywords
sort favorits
select resolver for daftsex (internal or resolveurl)
myfreecam fixed (works for me, but requires testing)

Version 1.2.8
DaftSex updated server lists
Fixed: Eroticage

Version 1.2.7
Fixed xHamster next page
JavWhores domain changed to JavBangers

Version 1.2.6
Room info added to Chaturbate
Fixed: StreamXXX
Fixed: Animeid Hentai

Version 1.2.5
Fixed: xHamster
Various other fixes

Version 1.2.4
Room info added to Cam4
Added: Cumloader
Fixed: Eroticage
Fixed: Spankbang
Fixed: XvideoSpanish

Version 1.2.3
Fixed: Chaturbate
Fixed: Eroticage

Version 1.2.2
daftsex: updated server list + added timeout to searches
streamate: search fixed
ViralVideosPorno search fix

Version 1.2.1
MrSexe Next Page Fix
ViralVideosX replaced by ViralVideosPorno
DaftSex updated server lists

Version 1.1.99
Porntrex added disable private videos option
Herexxx – fixed nextpage for search
Beeg – option ‘Don’t ask for videohost’ setting

Version 1.1.98
Added: Eporner
Added: HereXXX

Version 1.1.97
Fixed: PelisxPorno (except links)
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: Animeid Hentai

Version 1.1.96
Fixed: Eroticage
Fixed: HClips
Fxed: MangoPorn
Fixed: Spankbang
Fixed: SpeedPorn
Fixed: Xtheatre
Fixed: BubbaPorn

Version 1.1.95
Fixed: Animeid Hentai
Fixed: Beeg
Removed: K18
Play from here bugfix

Version 1.1.94
Fixed: YourFreeTube
Porn00 – added category images
PornAQ – replaced by Woxtube
HD Zog-Search fixed
Mr. Sexe-Stars directory fixed
Removed: Ero-tik
Removed: Czech3x
FreeOMovie Next button didn’t show. improvement
Porntrex improvement

Version 1.1.93
Fixed: PornAQ
Fixed: Porn00
Fixed: sxyprn(YourPorn)
Improved: HQPorner

Version 1.1.92
Removed: Vidz7
Added: Hzpornz
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: Porndig

Version 1.1.91
Fixed: Animeid Hentai
Fixed: XXX Streams(eu) Next Button
Fixed: Downloads on many sites

Version 1.1.90
Fixed: ParadiseHill
Fixed: PornTrex Downloads
Fixed: Download Folder Leia Bug

Version 1.1.89
Fixed: BubbaPorn
Improved: HQPorner
Account added to settings for PornTrex and JavWhores
General maintenance

Version 1.1.88
Fixed: BubbaPorn
Account added to settings for PornTrex and JavWhores
General maintenance

Version 1.1.87
Fixed: sxyprn(YourPorn)
Fixed: JavWhores
Improved: SpeedPorn
Improved: MangoPorn
Improved: PornsLand

Version 1.1.86
Fixed: Animeid Hentai
Fixed: TubePornClassic
Fixed: HClips
Fixed: HDZog
Added: MangoPorn(Movies)

Version 1.1.85
Added: xVideos
Added: SpeedPorn
Added: HDpornz
Fixed: Sxyprn(yourporn)

Version 1.1.84
Fixed: BubbaPorn
Fixed: XvideoSpanish
Fixed: YourFreeTube
Fixed: ParadiseHill

ersion 1.1.83
Removed: Cat3Movie
Fixed: PornHub
Fixed: xHamster
Fixed: Hentaihaven
Fixed: XVideosHits
Fixed: Anybunny
Improved: Chaturbate,(Tag support)
Improved: PornTrex

Version 1.1.82
Fixed: Xvideohits
Fixed: Xtheatre
Fixed: DaftSex

Version 1.1.81
Fixed: Animeid Hentai
Fixed: DaftSex
Fixed: ParadiseHill
Fixed: DatoPorn

Version 1.1.80
Fixed: FreeOMovie
Improved: ViralVideosX
Improved: PornTrex

Version 1.1.79
Fixed: Cam4
Fixed: Camsoda
Fixed: sxyprn(YourPorn)
Improved: DaftSex

Version 1.1.78
Added: Broken labels
Fixed: HQPorner
Fixed: Pornsland
Partly Fixed:

Version 1.1.77
Fixed: Xtheatre
Fixed: Pornhive
Fixed: Xvideohits

Version 1.1.76
Fixed: xmoviesforyou (next page + categories)
Added: Xozilla

Version 1.1.75
Added: Freepornstreams
Added: Viralvideosx
Added: Xmoviesforyou
Removed: Elreyx
Removed: Videomegaporn

Version 1.1.74
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: K18

Version 1.1.73
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: Spankbang

Version 1.1.72
Fixed mostly: DaftSex

Version 1.1.71
Fixed: YourPorn
Minor fix: PornDoe

Version 1.1.70
Fixed: Chaturbate
Fixed: WatchXXXFree
Added: PornDoe
Added: ClipHunter

Version 1.1.69
Fixed: Chaturbate
Fixed: WatchXXXFree

Version 1.1.68
Fixed: Czech3x
Minor fix:
Added: XvideosHits
Added PerfectGirls

Version 1.1.67
Fixed: WatchXXXFree
Fixed: YesPornPlease
Fixed: ParadiseHill

Version 1.1.66
Fixed: Keyword deletion error
Fixed: WatchXXXFree
Fixed: Porntrex
Fixed: Camsoda
ADDED: YesPornPlease

[B]Version 1.1.65 (mb)[/B]
Fixed: All TUBES
Fixed: All Hentais
Fixed: Webcams
Fixed: All Movies
Fixed: All SCENES

[B]Version 1.1.64[/B]
Fixed: Porntrex categories
Fixed: Videomegaporn
Fixed: Xtasie pagination and category listing
Fixed: PornsLand channels pagination
Fixed: Porndig

[B]Version 1.1.63[/B]
New site: Animeid Hentai
New site: Pornvibe
Fixed: Naked
Fixed: ElReyX
Fixed: Porntrex pagination when searching
Fixed: PornHub search
Favorites can be updated when adding them again with different pictures or names

[B]Version 1.1.62[/B]
New site: Datoporn
Fixed: Porn00
Fixed: XvideoSpanish
Added minimal option to organize favorites: “Move favorite to end” is available from the context menu to move the video to the end of the favorites list
Switch to ResolveURL XXX plugins from internally bundled ResolveURL plugins
Keywords can now be cleared from the addon settings
Added option to clear favorites from the addon settings
Added option to backup and restore keywords and favorites

[B]Version 1.1.61[/B]
New site: YourPorn
New site: JavWhores (thanks syknet69)
Fixed: Xhamster
Fixed: Cat3movie
Fixed: Spankbang and added quality selector
Removed: Sexix (site is down)

[B]Version 1.1.60[/B]
Fixed: Xtheatre pagination
Fixed: Xhamster
Fixed: Anybunny
Fixed: HClips
Changed to ResolveURL from URLResolver
ResolveURL settings can now be opened directly from Ultimate Whitecream settings

[B]Version 1.1.59[/B]
New site: Vidz7
Added: Porndig 4K support
Added: Porntrex 4K support and quality selector
Fixed: TubePornClassic
Fixed: CamSoda
Fixed: Porntrex images and category alphabetical order

[B]Version 1.1.58[/B]
Readded: HentaiHaven
Fixed: Porntrex images
Fixed: TubePornClassic
Fixed: Cam4
Usage of universal resolvers can now be enabled/disabled in addon settings (they should still be configured first in URLResolver).

[B]Version 1.1.57[/B]
New site: PornsLand
Fixed: Freeomovie pagination
Fixed: Czech3x pagination
Fixed: Xtasie
Fixed: PornHub
Changed: Host detection is now done by URLResolver. This should result in more hosts to choose from.

[B]Version 1.1.56[/B]
Fixed: WatchXXXFree
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: ElReyX
Fixed: XvideoSpanish
Fixed: HQPorner
Fixed: StreamXXX
Fixed: Xtasie
Fixed: Ero-tik
Fixed: K18
Fixed: DaftSex
Fixed: CzechHD (renamed to Czech3x)
Fixed: Xtheatre
Fixed: PelisxPorno
Fixed: Eroticage
Fixed: SpankBang
Fixed: AmateurCool
Fixed: Vporn
Fixed: xHamster
Fixed: Porndig
Fixed: CamSoda
Fixed: HDZog
Fixed: TubePornClassic categories
Fixed: PornHub video listing
Fixed: video listing
Fixed: HQPorner preview images
Removed: HentaiHaven
General video source fixes

[B]Version 1.1.55[/B]
Fixed: Porntrex listing – next page categories (private videos are hidden)
Fixed: Porn00
Fixed: Czechhd
Fixed: HDZog
Fixed: ParadiseHill
Fixed: Other stuff I forgot
Removed: Nudeflix

[B]Version 1.1.54[/B]
Added: Streamate and Bongacams (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: MrSexe, Pornhub, Rapidvideo
Fixed: Tubepornclassics, Daftsex, Naked

[B]Version 1.1.53[/B]
Fixed: Myfreecams
Added: Rapidvideo support in utils (for Ero-tik)
Removed: HDPoz (redirects to Sexix)

[B]Version 1.1.52[/B]
Added: Daftsex (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: Xhamster, Chaturbate, Pornhive
Fixed: some internal stuff

[B]Version 1.1.51[/B]
Fixed: Pornhub, Elreyx, HDZog, Porntrex
Fixed: xxxstreams(org)
Changed: Xtheatre is now Krypton only because of ssl

[B]Version 1.1.50[/B]
Fixed: Pornhub, HQporner
Added: Slow option for Chaturbate

[B]Version 1.1.49[/B]
Fixed: Hentaihaven, Chaturbate

[B]Version 1.1.48[/B]
Fixed: Bubbaporn, Chaturbate, PornAQ, Naked
Fixed: VPorn, xxxstreams(org)

[B]Version 1.1.47[/B]
Added: HDPoz
Added: Conformation clearing search words
Fixed: Pornhub categories, Onelist

[B]Version 1.1.46[/B]
Fixed: Porntrex, Freeomovie
Fixed: MyFreeCams, Cam4
Removed: Unused files

[B]Version 1.1.45[/B]
Added: Xhamster (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: VPorn, Camsoda, Cam4, Naked, Xtheatre, Porntrex
Fixed: Bubbaporn, Spankbang, HClips, ParadiseHill
Removed: Streams, use Ultimate IPTV

[B]Version 1.1.44[/B]
Added: Option to enable/disable differen chaturbate sections
Added: HD Playback for Pornhub
Fixed: Datoporn
Fixed: Refresh favorite images for camsoda/naked
Fixed: Porntrex categories
Removed: Hentaicraving

[B]Version 1.1.43[/B]
Added: Remove single keywords from search list (contextmenu)
Added: Amateur Cool and VPorn (thanks anton40)
Fixed: Chaturbate next page
Fixed: Pornhub categories
Fixed: Freeomovie download
Fixed: Camsoda (thanks hdgdl)
Changed: Todayporn -> Bubbaporn
Changed: Chaturbate playback (see Chaturbate tab in addon settings)

[B]Version 1.1.42[/B]
Fixed: Cam4 (thanks hdgdl)
Changed: Switched to Urlresolver for Openload
Changed: Internal changes, could be some bugs, please post them
Removed: Some offline sites

[B]Version 1.1.41[/B]
Fixed: Pigeon fix

[B]Version 1.1.40[/B]
Fixed: Openload mistake

[B]Version 1.1.39[/B]
Fixed: xxxstreams(org)
Changed: internal code changes

[B]Version 1.1.38[/B]
Added: Cloudflare support (fixes K18)
Fixed: CzechHD
Fixed: xxxstreams(eu) pagination
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.37[/B]
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.36[/B]
Fixed: Camsoda/Cam4 (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: Openload
Fixed: FlashX

[B]Version 1.1.35[/B]
Improved: More supported hosts for pornhive

[B]Version 1.1.34[/B]
Added: Naked (webcams, thanks hdgdl)
Improved: Camsoda (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.33[/B]
Fixed: Openload (again)

[B]Version 1.1.32[/B]
Added: Camsode (thanks hdgdl)
Changed: Cam4 video playback (thanks hdgdl)
Fixed: Openload
Fixed: FlashX

[B]Version 1.1.31[/B]
Anybunny is back :)
Improved: FlashX
Fixed: stupid bug I added, Tubepornclassic works again

[B]Version 1.1.30[/B]
Added: Datoporn (for Pelisxporno)
Fixed: Openload (thanks pitoosie)
Fixed: FlashX
Improved: Keeplinks
Removed: Anybunny (couldn’t get it to work)

[B]Version 1.1.29[/B]
Fixed: Cat3movie listing
Fixed: Mega3x videohost
Fixed: FlashX videohost (thanks gujal)
Improved: PornKinoX listing

[B]Version 1.1.28[/B]
Added: PornkinoX (thanks anton40)
Fixed: Anybunny video playback
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.27[/B]
Fixed: Tubepornclassic downloading
Fixed: Chaturbate Krypton playback
Fixed: Porndig Pornstars/Studios
Fixed: Cancel works on all the select dialogs
Changed: Disabled caching for the main menu’s

[B]Version 1.1.26[/B]
Fixed: Openload (credits are in the py)

[B]Version 1.1.25[/B]
Fixed: Openload part 2 (??)

[B]Version 1.1.24[/B]
Fixed: Openload (??)

[B]Version 1.1.23[/B]
Added: A to Z list for HentaiHaven
Added: Filecrypt support (Pornkino)
Fixed: Videomegaporn

[B]Version 1.1.22[/B]
Added: HentaiHaven
Fixed: Stopped flooding the log with warnings

[B]Version 1.1.21[/B]
Fixed: FlashX
Fixed: Tubepornclassic categories
Fixed: xxxstreams(org)

[B]Version 1.1.20[/B]
Fixed: Pornhive

[B]Version 1.1.19[/B]
Fixed: Better Openload Fix

[B]Version 1.1.18[/B]
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.17[/B]
Fixed: Sexix

[B]Version 1.1.16[/B]
Fixed: Jetload
Added: Streamdefence support for watchxxxfree

[B]Version 1.1.15[/B]
Fixed: Porntrex
Added: Keeplinks to utils, for Pornkino

[B]Version 1.1.14[/B]
Fixed: Saving Streamxxx to favorites
Fixed: FlashX videos
Fixed: Spankbang, Videomegaporn, WatchXXXFree, ParadiseHill
Changed: Switched Contextmenu items

[B]Version 1.1.13[/B]
Fixed: Openload pt 2
Fixed: Sexix

[B]Version 1.1.12[/B]
Fixed: Openload

[B]Version 1.1.11[/B]
Fixed: Hentai section
Fixed: Spankbang videolisting

[B]Version 1.1.10[/B]
Added: MyFreeCams, check for more video servers
Added: Age check dialog on first start

[B]Version 1.1.9[/B]
Added: Search for xxxstreams(org) (thanks Anton40)
Added: Sexix
Changed: UWC Fanart, also adding it to every ‘folder’
Fixed: MyFreeCams, you should now get every video
Fixed: ParadiseHill video listing (fixed by Anton40)

[B]Version 1.1.8[/B]
Fixed: Streamxxx videos

[B]Version 1.1.7[/B]
Fixed: Search for Dutch Tubes
Fixed: Bug in Pornhive giving unsupported host for Flashx/Streamcloud
Changed: Timeout MyFreeCams, maybe it finds more videos

[B]Version 1.1.6[/B]
Changed: Downloader (should work with Openload and Videomega), based on Simpledownloader
Changed: Videolisting improved for Spankbang
Removed: Download context item from the webcams

[B]Version 1.1.5[/B]
Added: Spankbang (commited by NothingGnome)
Added: K18

[B]Version 1.1.4[/B]
Fixed: Videowood, Jetload
Fixed: MyFreeCams hanging on 2%
Fixed: StreamXXX search

[B]Version 1.1.3[/B]
Fixed: Porn00
Fixed: Pagination Czechhd
Removed: Playporn (site is down)

[B]Version 1.1.2[/B]
Fixed: Beeg
Fixed: Cat3movie

[B]Version 1.1.1[/B]
Fixed: Beeg (thanks to youtube-dl)
Fixed: PornAQ videos (support for Openload)
Added: Option to use the thumbnails as poster/fanart

[B]Version 1.1.0[/B]
Fixed: Pagination for Absoluporn and some videoplayback
Fixed: Cam4, return to older method for getting videourl
Fixed: Videolisting/Categories StreamXXX
Fixed: Pagination for YourFreeTube

[B]Version 1.0.99[/B]
Added: More supported hosts for Pornhive

[B]Version 1.0.98[/B]
Changed: Small update

[B]Version 1.0.97[/B]
Fixed: Porndig

[B]Version 1.0.96[/B]
Added: Videowood and Jetload video hosts
Changed: All the video hosts in have support for multiple videos

[B]Version 1.0.95[/B]
Added: Anybunny
Changed: Converted most of the OK dialogs to notifications

[B]Version 1.0.94[/B]
Fixed: xxxstreams(org) pagination

[B]Version 1.0.93[/B]
Fixed: Openload
Fixed: Streamxxx movie url
Added: Multiple video support for Streamcloud

[B]Version 1.0.92[/B]
Fixed: Nudeflix
Fixed: Porn00
Fixed: HQporner

[B]Version 1.0.91[/B]
Added: Eroticage

[B]Version 1.0.90[/B]
Fixed: Unplayable item bug
Removed: javhdonline and jav720p because of questionable content

[B]Version 1.0.89[/B]
Fixed: Multiple keyword search for ParadiseHill
Fixed: xxxstreams (org) videos wouldn’t load on Android

[B]Version 1.0.88[/B]
Added: xxxstreams (org) (Anton40)
Added: jav720p
Added: Search for Paradisehill ;)

[B]Version 1.0.87[/B]
Fixed: Quick fix for OpenLoad

[B]Version 1.0.86[/B]
Added: xxxstreams (eu)
Removed: jsbeautifier, now using the jsunpack module by Bstrdsmkr

[B]Version 1.0.85[/B]
Fixed: playback
Fixed: Improved Pornhive, also added support

[B]Version 1.0.84[/B]
Fixed: Videomega playback
Fixed: Pornhive

[B]Version 1.0.83[/B]
Added: CzechHD
Added: Webcam image refresh in Favorites listing
Changed: Chaturbate listing

[B]Version 1.0.82[/B]
Added: You can now add/use keywords for every site with a search function

[B]Version 1.0.81[/B]
Changed: Cam4 rtmp url, now you can use it with an external player like VLC
Changed: Added User-agent to Chaturbate stream

[B]Version 1.0.80[/B]
Added: Porndig
Added: AbsoluPorn
Changed: MrSexe improvements

[B]Version 1.0.79[/B]
Added: Option for ParadiseHill in addon settings, to play all the parts as 1 playlist
Fixed: Cam4 fix for people not getting the cam list (I hope)
Changed: Very small improvement in videohost detection

[B]Version 1.0.78[/B]
Added: Cam4
Added: Streamcloud to for Freeomovie
Fixed: Beeg pagination
Changed: Chaturbate page number in Next link
Changed: Improved Myfreecams video loading (?)

[B]Version 1.0.77[/B]
Added: MyFreeCams
Fixed: Double categories in Ero-tik
Changed: Colors in the addon are more inline with the logo

[B]Version 1.0.76[/B]
Fixed: Pornhub video listing
Changed: renamed Thepornnation to ThePornEmpire

[B]Version 1.0.75[/B]
Added: Favorites, you can add any video to the Whitecream Favorite list from the contextmenu

[B]Version 1.0.74[/B]
Fixed: Beeg is back
Changed: more categories for MrSexe

[B]Version 1.0.73[/B]
Added: Ero-tik
Added: Different sections/categories for Chaturbate
Fixed: HQPorner

[B]Version 1.0.72[/B]
Added: Mega3X support (for Cat3Movie)
Fixed: Xtheatre listing
Fixed: PornAQ listing

[B]Version 1.0.71[/B]
Added: MrSexe (anton40)

[B]Version 1.0.70[/B]
Changed: Better image cache removal for Chaturbate, now it also removes the files from the hd.
Added: Option in the Addon settings for auto-refresh image cache on Chaturbate.

[B]Version 1.0.69[/B]
Fixed: HClips channel listing
Changed: url handling
Added: Chaturbate, remove cached images from textures database. Not advised, but some people requested it.

[B]Version 1.0.68[/B]
Fixed: Openload
Fixed: ParadiseHill going to page 11
Fixed: Hdclips Next page channels

[B]Version 1.0.67[/B]
Added: Pornhub (anton40)
Fixed: Watchxxxfree
Fixed: Some other small fixes from anton40

[B]Version 1.0.66[/B]
Fixed: Freeomovie (I should test the pull requests before releasing)

[B]Version 1.0.65[/B]
Added: Hclips (anton40)
Added: Freeomovie (anton40)
Fixed: porn00
Changed: temporary disabled watchxxxfree and beeg until fixed

[B]Version 1.0.64[/B]
Fixed: Videomega videos
Fixed: Videomegaporn video listing

[B]Version 1.0.63[/B]
Added: ParadiseHill
Fixed: PornTrex categories

[B]Version 1.0.62[/B]
Added: TubePornClassic (by request)
Changed: Moved HDzog to scenes and ‘Play from here’ support for HDzog

[B]Version 1.0.61[/B]
Added: HDzog (anton40)
Added: Cat3Movie (anton40)
Changed: Improved FlashX url detection, so FlashX videos from PornKino works

[B]Version 1.0.60[/B]
Fixed: Better handling when the cookie file gets corrupted
Changed: Again, the logo…this is the last time for a while :)

[B]Version 1.0.59[/B]
Fixed:, rebranded to (Fr33m1nd)
Added: Playporn & Pornkino (Fr33m1nd)
Added: (anton40)

[B]Version 1.0.58[/B]
Fixed: OpenLoad

[B]Version 1.0.57[/B]
Fixed: HQPorner, noticed it sometimes needed a referer
Changed: Small improvement finding a working Videomega link

[B]Version 1.0.56[/B]
Fixed: HQPorner, Todayporn

[B]Version 1.0.55[/B]
Fixed: Annoying dialog bug when you start a video

[B]Version 1.0.54[/B]
Fixed: OpenLoad playback
Added: Streams (beta), a lot of streams from all around the internet, some work…some not.

[B]Version 1.0.53[/B]
Changed: Addon logo to png, and a smaller size

[B]Version 1.0.52[/B]
Added: Chaturbate in a new Webcams & Streams section
Fixed: Streampleasure, hqporner, porntrex
Changed: Addon logo, it’s less adult and more universal now ;)

[B]Version 1.0.51[/B]
Added: Xtasie
Added: StreamPleasure (it’s also in the One List)
Fixed: TodayPorn
Fixed: OpenLoad playback
Fixed: Nudeflix Categories

[B]Version 1.0.50[/B]
Fixed: StreamXXX fix from Fr33m1nd
Fixed: Pornaq video’s from VK
Fixed: Beeq
Fixed: Nudeflix
Changed: Multiple Openload video’s support for StreamXXX

[B]Version 1.0.49[/B]
Changed: oops, forgot to include another bug fix
Changed: New logo
Changed: Few site logo resizes

[B]Version 1.0.48[/B]
Fixed: Videomega playback due to refactoring playvideo()
Added: javHDonline (credits to Fr33m1nd)
Added: YourFreeTube

[B]Version 1.0.47[/B]
Added: Videomegaporn & StreamXXX (credits to Fr33m1nd)
Added: Flyflv host for HQPorner
Added: Nowvideo host for Pornhive

[B]Version 1.0.46[/B]
Added: HQPorner

[B]Version 1.0.45[/B]
Added: PelisxPorno & XvideoSpanish (credits to Fr33m1nd)
Added: Progress dialog while loading videos from pornAQ/porn00
Changed: Getting videos from VK, no more ‘Too many requests’ dialog

[B]Version 1.0.44[/B]
Fixed: FlashX video playback

[B]Version 1.0.43[/B]
Added: Libogski (credits to Fr33m1nd)
Added: Support for VK videohost for Pornaq and Porn00

[B]Version 1.0.42[/B]
Added: ElReyX (credits to Fr33m1nd)

[B]Version 1.0.41[/B]
Fixed: PornTrex, double listing
Fixed: Porn00, video playback

[B]Version 1.0.40[/B]
Oops, forgot to the unicode chars with

[B]Version 1.0.39[/B]
Fixed: PornTrex

[B]Version 1.0.38[/B]
Fixed: OpenLoad is fixed again (for how long?)
Fixed: Porn00 playback
Added: OpenLoad as supported host for Pornhive

[B]Version 1.0.37[/B]
Fixed: Yet another fix for OpenLoad

[B]Version 1.0.36[/B]
Added: Dutch tube sites (, and

[B]Version 1.0.35[/B]
Fixed: Another fix for OpenLoad

[B]Version 1.0.34[/B]
Fixed: Openload videos are working again

[B]Version 1.0.33[/B]
Fixed: Small fix for Porn00 and PornAQ

[B]Version 1.0.32[/B]
Added: A new ‘Tubes’ section, for tube-like sites. First one is

[B]Version 1.0.31[/B]
Added: By request, you can now browse watchxxxfree, pornaq, porn00 and porntrex together in one list
Changed: Downloading dialog shows more info: filesize, how much is downloaded and an ETA

[B]Version 1.0.30[/B]
Changed: New way of downloading video’s, it’s not in the background anymore…it should work better
Fixed: Getting video’s from PornAQ and Porn00, it also supports the videos hosted on

[B]Version 1.0.29[/B]
Added: ‘Play from here’ support for Beeg, now you can watch all 300 videos per page at once :)

[B]Version 1.0.28[/B]
Fixed: Fix for downloading with Pornaq/Porn00
Fixed: Due to site changes on Beeg, new way to pick the highest video quality (tnx hstegeman)

[B]Version 1.0.27[/B]
Fixed: Fix for downloading videos from sites other than watchxxfree and xtheatre

[B]Version 1.0.26[/B]
Added: Directly open your download folder (if set). Unfortunately, it doesn’t go back to the addon.
Fixed: FlashX videos (again)

[B]Version 1.0.25[/B]
Added: Download function for the videos (in contextmenu). It uses the Simple Downloader addon.

[B]Version 1.0.24[/B]
Fixed: FlashX videos

[B]Version 1.0.23[/B]
Fixed: OpenLoad videos are working again
Changed: Always get the highest quality video for Beeg

[B]Version 1.0.22[/B]
Added: Beeg (video gets weird when skipped)
Added: for Watchxxxfree (beta)
Fixed: Fix for Porn00 that would crash the addon

[B]Version 1.0.21[/B]
Fixed: Quick (lazy) fix for the latest Porn00 videos

[B]Version 1.0.20[/B]
Fixed: OpenLoad videos

[B]Version 1.0.19[/B]
Added: Search for Pornhive and a message for unsupported videosites

[B]Version 1.0.18[/B]
Added: New movie site, Pornhive
Changed: Moved all the sites to their own individual python file

[B]Version 1.0.17[/B]
Fixed: Some videos on xtheatre are split in 2 on videomega, it now asks which one to play

[B]Version 1.0.16[/B]
Added: Search for the latest additions: Porntrex, PornAQ and Porn00
Fixed: Pagination for PornAQ and Porn00

[B]Version 1.0.15[/B]
Added: New video site, Porn00

[B]Version 1.0.14[/B]
Added: New video site, PornAQ

[B]Version 1.0.13[/B]
Added: New video site, Porntrex
Added: Images for the various video sites

[B]Version 1.0.12[/B]
Fixed: Another fix for the OpenLoad video’s

[B]Version 1.0.11[/B]
Fixed: Quick fix for the OpenLoad video’s

[B]Version 1.0.10[/B]
Fixed: Movies 2 -> Categories -> 2 worded categories

[B]Version 1.0.9[/B]
Added: Categories for ‘Movies 2’
Fixed: Movies due to site changes

[B]Version 1.0.8[/B]
Added: Another movies source, not finished yet but the main list works

[B]Version 1.0.7[/B]
Fixed: A bug in the regex for the Movies, when browsing a categorie

[B]Version 1.0.6[/B]
Added: Descriptions for Scenes and Movies (by request)
Put the view in ‘Media Info 2’ (Confluence) to show them

[B]Version 1.0.5[/B]
Fixed: Searching works again
Fixed: Better videomega recognition

[B]Version 1.0.4[/B]
Added: Sorting for Scens and Movies
Added: Setting to skip asking for a videohost (default=off)

[B]Version 1.0.3[/B]
Added: Top Pornstars for Scenes

[B]Version 1.0.2[/B]
Added: Search for Scenes and Movies
Added: A to Z Hentai list, censored and uncensored

[B]Version 1.0.1[/B]
Fixed: Pagination – Thanks to ‘hstegeman’
Fixed: Better regex for Videomega host

[B]Version 1.0.0[/B]
Initial public release

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